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  1. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Thanks for all the hard work in the background, to all admin I would echo the visual feedback though - I'm not finding it easy to read and I'm kinda reluctant to open it at work as it is very much non-work friendly.
  2. Welcome mate. Don't see too many black Cups floating about in my part of Sydney!
  3. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    I think I need to do some re-reading, I put more air in my tyres than 30psi More like 34-35!
  4. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    Hi mate In/out "wobble" i think you are really referring to toe-in or toe-out, which is common to just about every car on sale, either due to design or suspension tolerances. I would recommend you go to another tyre/ suspension place. A) the can give you the actual toe-in/ toe-out and B) what on earth is a "lump" in the rubber? A bulge in the sidewall? If so, that tyres needs replacing asap. If not, I have no idea what that means and you should get a second opinion.
  5. Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    My understanding is Trophy = Premium. Most obvious Premium giveaways are Faux Leather seats (not inserts), climate control not just a/c and PDC + Reverse camera. From the pics, this clio doesn't have a rear camera, it doesnt have feax leather and it has 3 knobs by the a/c, which is A/C (climate control only has two knobs and a bunch of buttons). It's a vanilla Cup/ Sport with Cup wheels IMO, not a Trophy
  6. Eyes Wide Open - Pre Purchase Questions

    1,500 to be precise. Would be quite an ambitious individual to try that - an easier tell would be the tyres methinks.
  7. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Tis indeed. Brakes/ manifold etc as mentioned - will clear up after a few more drives
  8. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Welcome to the forums mate. Check out the Clio IV section, heaps of useful stuff in there.
  9. Megane Gt

    It is essentially the same thing, as i understand it. Within both the Sport and Cup models, each has a 'Trophy/ Premium' and 'non Trophy/ Premium' spec. Before a date it was referred to as Trophy and after a certain date it was relabelled Premium. The Trophy/ Premium version has reversing camera+ PDC, improved sound system, leather/ faux leather, RS Monitor in the media centre, climate control and heated front seats.
  10. Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    Yep - suspension and wheels (black 18" on Cup vs silver 17" on sport).
  11. Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    I use comfort (auto) mode maybe 20% of the time, just to get the box and oils warm and then drive in sport (manual). This means downshifting approaching traffic lights, but with a reso delete, it’s a free grin at every set of lights. If driving in auto mode, the important thing to remember is that the ecu has a view of what the next gear is, so if you are going to do something unexpected, you need to give it a heads-up. E.g. if you coast up to a set of lights in 3rd, the box will think the next gear is 2nd because speed is dropping. If the lights change and you boot it, the box is likely to hesitate for a moment as it processes that the new “expected” next gear may be 4th. This can come through as a slight throttle hesitation. Better practice is to anticipate the lights changing, see them change, give the throttle a love tap to recalc (in a way) and then be on your way. Same goes for booting it in auto mode mid way through deceleration at the apex of a corner. Likely to induce a box full of neutrals as the ecu has a moment. Easily solved by using manual mode. In carparks, I will always use manual mode. In auto, it will tend to get into 2nd at <20kph and then if you trundle up a ramp or incline, it will either try downshift or look for neutral if the speed / throttle % makes it think it will stall. Keep it in first and problem is negated. I don’t think any of this is particular to the Clio, I think all DCT’s will have this going on.Basically, drive it like you’d drive a manual. Also remember the Clio has oodles of torque. You can easily drive around in 3rd if you want between 35-40kph all the way to around 100. The car has long gearing above 1st, but with the torque, it's not an issue. I think 5th is geared to 200!
  12. Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    Welcome mate. As has been said, go take one each for a drive and see for yourself. Re the 'non rotating' paddles....that's why there is a centre shifter with the shift movement the right way round i.e. forward = change down, back = change up . Re the EDC issues thread...fair to raise it, but possibly the first two cases in the world if google searches are anything to go by. As was mentioned, these need to be treated as if they are manual boxes, not traditional auto ones. Not to say the issues had were due to that, they sounded like bad luck/ manufacturing issues. The Clio has a great chassis and loves being chucked about. Real world speed I'd suggest is on par with the WRX, given we live in world of speed limits!
  13. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Hey mate, I'll repeat what I mentioned in the other thread to keep it in one place. The sluggishness or lack of responsiveness you might have had in the Clio was probably down to comfort mode. Did any of the dealer people tell you to press the Sports mode under the handbrake? Comfort mode has a throttle deadspot on take off and general lazy response when sticking the boot in. When you switch to sport or race it really sharpens up significantly. I don't know what the price diff is these days between a Cup Premium and a 220; but the 220 will have slightly bigger turbo and different manifolds/ downpipes (although same muffler set up i think), custom 18" that you can't get on non 220s, wrapped roof on a white one, recaros, stiffer suspension.....and that may be it. By most accounts, the 220 isn't tremendously faster than a 200, but maybe more track focused. The premium version of Cup/ Sport gives you PDC+reverse camera/ R-Monitor/ uprated soundsystem/ "leather" and that's about it over a non-premium. The uprated sound system is more speakers and more ability to tweak settings e.g. pick a spot in the cockpit to optimise sound etc.
  14. Hey Everyone

    Welcome frostdogz! Great to see another Clio on the boards Search about for capping off the intake pipe for another cheap and easy mod that improves things.
  15. New Clio 220 Trophy

    Congrats on the car mate I bought a new RSC last year so also did the read and wonder about run in. YMMV but I took the approach that the first objective was to not do anything until the oils were all up to temp, but once they were, to give the engine a work out. But that I mean, use all the rev range with the objective of stressing the pistons. So yes, taking it up to high up the rev range in quick bursts, decelerating using engine braking and NOT sitting on highway at one set of revs. Around 1000km I did some 0-100 tests for shiz n giggles and was getting great time (RS monitor) which I posted up somewhere, so I was happy with how it went. My stealer said the 1,000km was not complimentary and would count as one of my FP services...which was all well and good apart from the fact they said it would be an inspection of fluids not more. So i bought my own oil and have been monitoring it for any top up need - none needed. I've done 3,500km and the colour of the oil is still amber I will wait till my 10k service mid year. Also, look into a spacesaver spare for the boot if the pump isn't your thing. RX8's fit. Tl;Dr: warm up the engine and give it horns. Monitor oil levels but relax, it's not running mineral oil it's running full synth, so no need to stress out about needing to change it before service intervals, although if you do, there is no downside (other than a few hundred $).