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  1. Hrs

    New CRS4 Sport owner

    Apologies for the late hello! Like the RS car for long time, especially the Megane D95, missed the last chance to get myself one of those due to financially and practical reason (from wife, personally I am ok with the Megane and 2 baby seats at the back and she cant drive manual too), therefore, when I heard the Clio RS is going to phase out, I decided to bite the bullet for a brand new LY one. Havent been this excited for quite some time (I am a middle age man, so usually nothing really excited me in life these days), although not everything goes to what I expected, such as I found the car was built in 2017 after I took delivery (too excited to pick up the car and forgot to check it), not 2018 as expected and told by the dealer, then car was delivered with more km than I expected or ever experienced on a new car, fitting on the car is not great, there are some paint/weld is not perfect, android car play is not working (gave up already), but every time I drive it, it put a smile in my face! I actually look forward to go to work as I can drive it in the morning, it is such a great car, I know it sound silly, and I did owned a few VW GTis, BMWs and JDM cars earlier in my life, so I m not a newbie to a sporty vehicle. It is not the fastest, but it got "soul"! Great community here too! Still learning and researching how/where to mod the RS from the forum and look forward to meet you all in the upcoming social event! Nice to meet you all! Thanks very much!
  2. Hrs

    Delivery kilometer

    They gave me the same reason too. It must be a big yard and they have to move it so often to get 70km on it... Also, I had the same experience, went to a dealer for test drive and the sales person said they dont have one, but can get me a customer car to test, and he scratch the bottom of the car on his way out of the dealership... It annoys me, i paid new car price lol.
  3. Hrs

    Delivery kilometer

    According to the dealer, my car is transfer from victoria and it got 80km on it😞 Suspecting it was a demo...
  4. Hrs

    Delivery kilometer

    How many km was on the clock when everyone picked up their renault sport?
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