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  1. I've not had the chance to experiment since i got mine done, but given how quickly 2nd gear disappears now, I can see how that sorta improvement is possible!
  2. Wishing I had not waited so long to do it mate, it really transforms the car. It transforms the experience completely 😁. For example, if you were driving in traffic in comfort mode, and needed to take a gap or accelerate quickly, you had to know to get the DCT to kick down with a little tap of the accelerator. Now there is now a wall of torque everywhere - just put your foot down and it's gone with blast furnace sounds turned up to 11.
  3. Hey mate, yeah, I did it around two months ago. Took less than 10 mins, including downloading the map and uploading it to the car 👌
  4. Yep - $700 gets you a Bluefin remap and 30-40hp more and plenty more torque. Completely transforms the car
  5. As far as I understand it, the Phase 1 Clio IV RS (2014-2016) didnt have Stop Start, but the Phase 2 (2017-2019) did.
  6. Congratulations mate, you'll not be disappointed! Did you get the sport or cup variety? The Mazda RX8 space saver has the necessary bolt pattern and offset to clear the brakes, and go for 100-250 bucks at wreckers. I strap mine down in the boot with ratchet straps from Bunnings and was lucky to get a cage over the top from an ozr member too. I have the goop too somewhere.
  7. stromlo

    New to forum

    What! You were the biggest bagger out of them for a long time 😂
  8. I have one, it sounds better (more noticeable induction noise) and I'd swear on a religious book of choosing that the throttle response in normal auto mode is superior to the paper one.
  9. Yup, working now - am replying on my device 😁
  10. Hi - since yesterday, I have been unable to access the site via my android phone (android one os). Every time i try it says the "website took too long to respond".....but I can access it alright via desktop. Anyway FYI
  11. Yeah - just get the nut n bolt ones as my velco one has separated after almost 3 years and now I'm relying on the residual glue to keep it in place as superglue doesnt work.
  12. Welcome mate I'd say removal of the noise vibrator tube from the charge pipe to the cabin is cheap and effective a improving NVM (all you need is some pipe caps from ebay). A panel filter improves throttle response in normal mode and offers some nicer (mild) intake whoosh if that is your thing.
  13. Is there any way to change it to white with black text as before. I find the current dark skin quite uncomfortable to view...
  14. stromlo

    Delivery kilometer

    Mine had 42km on it when i collected it
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