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Hi All,

As noted already on the owner's register, I am the very proud new owner of R26 No 1730. Apparently this was owned by another forum member...which is great to know.


I have had a litany of cars but this is my first French car, to be fair, the reputation that this model in particular came with made it a "must have". Anyway, seems that I have found the right place as you all seem very taken by your cars...just like me at the moment.


My garage over the years has been mainly German, couple of Mercs (C36, SLK), couple of Beamers (E30 Alpina 2.7 and a 540i) and more recently an Audi (A6 4.2 Quattro).....but I also need a smaller car to enjoy on the weekends....thus the Megane!...Thought about a Golf GTi (a little too common and boring I felt), looked at a Focus and a Civic, but one drive of the R26 and the decision was easy.


I spent a long time waiting for a decent car to come onto the market and found 1730 at Rick Damelian (and will never return for ANYTHING). Well..at least I got the car....didn't really care about the personality selling it (or his REALLY bad driving when we went on a test drive).


Nonetheless, I really happy to have found the car and this forum. Hope to learn more, meet others and experience track and performance opportunities with you in time.


I live in the Inner West of Sydney


Thanks in advance for the warm welcome.


DWR26 (Dave)

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Welcome Dave! Yet another Inner Westie :) keep an eye out for social events & fellow OZRSs on the road!




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Hey Dave .. Welcome again mate.


Sounds like you have had some very nice cars. For a lot of us the Megane is a daily driver, and this is my second one so i am very happy with mine. It does come with some " Renault..isems " but do what we do ...just turn the music up ... :)


Its a shame about Rick D ... i have bought 3 cars from them an quite a few of the other guys have as well. Most did not seem to have many good things to say .... I deal with the manager lou who has always been very helpful.


Enjoy your'e new toy ... its quite a lot of fun ... You never know it might tempt you to buy another RS car in the future.



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Hi mate, I got my R26 from RD and I deal with Lou and he's been pretty good. However, there are plenty of horror stories about RD. RIght now I am waiting for them to diagnose a nosiy idle.


Anyway, it's a great car and really shines on the track. If your keen to get up early we are doing a south coast run on the way to the track and your more than welcome.


I live in summer hill so feel free to PM if you want to talk about the RStuner or have a coffee 8)

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Welcome mate, i've no doubt you'll enjoy your R26 as we all do

....If you don't want to turn up the music wind the windows down and listen to the whistle !

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Hey mate,


like others said, another inner westie! - i think a meet up will be in order soon! Maybe Callan park or something?


Hope you like the forum, im loving it - trolled through 30+ pages of the site yesturday in the heat


Hethro :)

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