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hi guys,

finally joined!!!!!!!!!!

my name is Bruno from sydney i own a black 07 megane 225 i've owned the car since new,awsome car!!!

its got a few mods done to it like, k&n panel filter GFB blow of valve and got rid of the resinator, sounds awsome!!!! i met a guy on the hume highway at bankstown that has a victory yellow coloured R26 told me about rstuner tune, i'd like to get in contact with him......


look forward to meeting other renault enthusiasts!!!

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Hmm...I am gonna guess you met the Jeffster.. (Jeff). Don't worry, he will be along soon enough, to say hello.


Sounds like you have some advanced mods there mate...would like to learn more about the hi-flo cat.......sounds good. (Cat is difficult to access on the Meggy - for those not in the know :wink: )


I (Like Jeffy) have a Liquid / Victory Yellow R26. :)


Be nice to catch you at a social gathering / drive day.


Cheers - Dave.

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Welcome aboard Bruno!


Apologies to you and all the other newbies for the delayed approval - finally got around to green lighting new members last night (must be about 70 or so legit new members which is awesome!!)


Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome Bruno! Sounds like you've done a few interesting things to your car! :)


Keep an eye out for social events as I wanna check out this exhaust!




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