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Darryl is a massive Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fan. I'm guessing you must be as well Dish, to pick up on that one.


Oh hell yeah, I sure am!


FYI, Bill Hubbard was a soldier who was mortally wounded during in WWI. On Roger Waters' solo album "Amused To Death", he was the subject of a very moving interview with the soldier who attempted to save him.

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Standing at the window, a farmers wife in Oxford Shire

Glances at the clock, it's nearly time for tea..she doesn't see..

The Phantom in the hedgerow dip it's wing

She doesn't hear the engine sing


But in the cockpits glow behind the Rayband (sp?) shine

The kid from Cleveland, in the comfort of routine, scans his dials and smiles

The beauty of military life

There is no right no wrong only tin cans and cordite, white cliffs and blue sky and flight..flight

The beauty of military life

No questions only orders and..flight..only flight


..and so on..


And I thought I was the only one..maybe it's an OZrs thing?

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Seems to be an extraordinary number of Pink Floyd fans AND photographers among the OzRS crew... and there's nuthin' wrong with that at all





Ahh, its a beautiful thing! :D

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