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If I told you what I drove...I'd have to hide in shame....it's solid...reliable but doesn't do exciting stuff .....it's japanese....


Toyota corolla...gets me from a to b :)




No shame in that :) , my friend has a corolla and he can drive it like an f1 car mixed with a bit of wannabe drift action :shock::lol:


VVTi with LIFT YO!



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Hey Vanessa ...nice to see you on our forum. We meet at the All French Car Day ... i said to Jeff i thought you were a keeper :lol: ... looks like he thinks so too.


Next time we do a more " family " day i can bing my little one ... she will have someone to play with. How's your daughters arm ..i think it was warpped up last time in saw it?


So it looks like your giving 2nd gear a bit of a nudge ... :wink: good on ya.


Again welcome .. :D

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Wow..great to meet so many lovely people! :)


Hey Dom good to chat again...would love to meet your little one. Lara still has a gammy finger..but hey it's good to have quirky bits...keeps life interesting doesn't it!!! :lol:


I have just had one of my friends over for drinkies...she was a peugeot driver...and has many a dodgy story to tell...car rolling down hill - what happened to the park brake after 2 hours parked ???? Engine un-responsive for no apparent reason.....even the 'expert' ...you know the 'let me see that honey' expert couldn't figure it out...needess to say she finally traded it in..or should I say rolled it in!!


....me thinks that Renault is a good one.....and with Felix's grunt and Geoffrey's skill (yes he is talented behind the wheel and I learn by ...observation).....what can I say...I keep asking to be the designated driver 8)




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Yep...G-Force it is - picture is Princess. They were very cool!!


Bit of history trivia for you......Battle of the Planets (1978) was the Westernized adaptation of the 1972 Japanese animated television series known as Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman.


Battle of the Planets cast five young people as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. The question has been raised whether or not the characters were cyborgs due to their super-human agility and demonstrations of power such as the whirlwind pyramid. G-Force protects Earth from planet Spectra and other attacks from 'beyond space'. Their main ship is the Phoenix, which can deploy four smaller vehicles, each operated by one team member.


A regularly featured deus ex machina was the transformation of the Phoenix into a flaming bird-shaped craft able to handle virtually any exceptional situation by functioning as something like a giant blowtorch. The Phoenix’s primary weapon was a large supply of rockets. It also occasionally flaunted a powerful solar-powered energy blaster, although the team had the misfortune of choosing very cloudy days to use it.


In 1986, Gatchaman was re-worked in the US as G-Force: Guardians of Space, with a good deal of the original content that had been edited out of Battle of the Planets put back in to the show.


Remember those cartoon days......



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Just because i call myself puncher doesnt make me some kind of animal :lol:


Yes i have done some boxing and i can take care of myself, but im not trying to make any egotistical statement, i simply use the name coz i have a passion for the sport. :wink: and thats what came in to my head when i joined this forum 8)


But yeah, now that you mention it, Tiny sounds kinda cool :mrgreen:


I dont remember all the characters in G force, but i do remember the guy in white who was pretty much the leader, and he was the one i liked or remember the most, i think there was some chubby dude as well, who was kinda clumsy at times if i remember correctly. There was the chick as well. But i just dont recall their strengths/weaknesses.





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