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Hello All


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Hi Guys/Gals, :D


Been quite a while since ive been on here. Gee there is alot of new faces around. Good to see the O/G's are still kicking about. Hope everyone is doing well with there Clios. heheheheeh. We should have a Old Skool meet-up again.




Grant AKA Foxman :twisted::twisted:

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Dude, it's been so long I'm moving you back to Newbies :P


Glad to hear from you. Hope everything's been OK.


Hey, it must have been quite awhile - we even have Meganes here now LOL

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Iam not sure iam the missing link......


Good to hear from you dish. Are all the O/G's still kicking about?? You still got your clio??


Foxman :twisted:

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Its all good mate. I well good be the missing link...... Its been such a long time since ive been on here and had my little terror.


But we have to move on.... :roll:

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Well ive had a V8 Ute and Jx100 Chaser and now a Evo 6 TME oh yeah a jnr Foxman as well. :D Good to see your still in your Renaults. :D


My poor old Clio found a new friend then in turn they wanted to get up close with a guard rail and now she is no more. :shock:

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Grant, I'm still in a 172 although it's not the same one I had back then... I had a nasty accident in March 06 and the Clio went to the great scrapyard in the sky...

The 172 I'm driving now belongs to my other half, Jen, and we'll be replacing it with something else as soon as we find a new home for it. Jen's also running about in a Megane F1 which she loves to bits.


BTW, by "O/G" do you mean "Old Guys"?? If so, many are still about, but a few have moved onto other marques.


Gotta ask, what brought you back??

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