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New owner R26 LOL


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Hello Fellow Renault enthusiasts. I thought I would say gday on behalf of my wife and myself as a new members. We are the proud owners of a yellow R26, rego 'LOL' here in Adelaide. It is our first ever brand new/near new car, have had it only 5-6months and we still cannot stop smiling :D:D It is a thrill to drive everytime we get behind the wheel and we have had some spats on more than one occasion as to who the driver will be. :wink::wink: We are always getting stared at as you would all know it is a very eye catching car and with the plate LOL it gets some laughs and comments.

Anyways we look forward to chatting with you all and we are keen on any social outings, drives, etc so pls keep us in the loop.


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