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Silver RSC 172 from Knoche


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Hi all, I must admit I am a little tardy to post here but in April purchased Knoche's silver 172 with Advantis.


Have been interested to read the many topics in this forum, including the little quirks that add character!


Anyway, just a shout-out to say hi to all, and also thanks to ncraw and knoche for their help finding a beautiful car and a smooth transaction, respectively.




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Howdy James, and welcome aboard (at last!)


Nice car that :wink:


Hope to catch you on a Melbourne drive/meet-up at some stage.


Safe and happy driving :D

Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome mate! Hope you live in an area of Melbourne rich with drivers roads :)

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Thank you to all for your kind welcomes! I have been enjoying the little beasty although admittedly haven't yet taken it out to many backroads. My older brother has a WRX so I'm sure we'll be heading out whenever we're around!

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Hi James


Haven't checked Newbies, since coming back from Alaska, until today.

Glad you joined the forum, good people and good advice for the asking.


Also pleased you are enjoying the "little insect", you won't be surprised to learn that now my leg is better I do realise I was mistaken in selling it. But am happy it went to some-one who will take care of it.


Safe motoring.

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