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New RSC 172 Owner


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I just purchased an Iceberg Silver 2001 RSC Mk1 No. 81/85. Fantastic car, I absolutely love driving it.


Great forum, I'd just like to thank all those people who post on here, that's how I found out about where to service the car, who offers the cheapest insurance, etc. I even found a reference to my car from Nov 2004 "There's a nice iceberg silver 81/85 going in Sydney for $23k with 38kms.. quite a good buy IMHO.", which I found kind of amusing.


It's having the timing belt, etc. changed as we speak by Paul V at AP Automotive and I'll post the price of the service when I pick the car up to keep other newbies informed, he seems like a great mechanic and really knows about RSCs.


Next thing I need to do is fix the steering wheel trim? Buying a new steering wheel will be too expensive so I need to find someone to replace the trim if possible.




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Welcome Jason,

I'm sure you've noticed we have an RSC Mk 1 register, Moosey and Co will be pleased for more company.

A couple of members have had their steering wheels retrimmed and I've met a Mk1 owner in Perth

who had his done through his dealer (they sent it to an auto upholsterer). It was done in leather and

was thick but he found it no problem and rather liked its ease of grip so I doubt you'll have any problems

getting yours done.


cheers, :D

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Welcome Jason. Great to have another Phase 1 owner for sure, especially in Sydney. PaulV did my timing belt - the right man for the job, no doubts there. We have a drive day next month (Sun April 20th). Would be great to see you and the car on the run. Check out the social events section for more details.

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