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  1. slick306

    Paint Codes

    I can see some paint codes in search results but when I click on this thread I dont see the actual codes... anyway found them on another forum and if someone's got a similar problem you can just look at my list Renault Paint Codes Anthracite alloys : 205-110 (IXELL paint) Silver/Standard alloys : 205-88 (IXELL paint) Ultra Red (RS) : NNF or NNC Racing Blue (RS) : J45 Deep Black (RS) : GNA Nimbus (RS) : F60 Albi Blue (RS) : RNC Liquid Yellow (RS) : J37 Capsicum Red : 727 Pacific Blue : 460 Glacier White : 369 Blaze : ENC Pearl Black : 676 Mercury : D69 Tempest : J47 Extreme Blue : RNA Flame Red : B76 Eclipse : B66 Volcano : D75 Ice Blue : RNK Monaco Blue : 432 Antique Green : D97 Gunmetal Grey : 266 Twilight Blue : 472 Topaz Grey : C66 Quartz : D11 Oporto Red : NNG Mineral Blue : RNM Storm Blue : D47 Hessian Grey : A19 Ottoman Blue : i45 Cyclone Blue : F47 Ultra Blue : RND Ink Blue : F43 Hologram Grey : 603 Inferno : D38 Black Gold : 267 Almond Green : 190 Expresso : D14 Nocturne : 268 Midnight Blue : 472 Spray Blue : RNR Malta Blue : RNT Emerald : DNH Stone : HNK Pewter Grey : KND Venitian Red : NND Navy Blue : D42 Nordic Green : 903 Tornado Blue : J49 Mountain Blue : K43 Tuscan Beige : D19 Carmen Red : 719 Lemon Yellow : 396 Cherry Red : 713 Cosmic Grey : B64 Giverny Green : D96 Intense Blue : 144 Aqua : J42 Khaki : C67 Norse Grey : C68 Sahara : D12 Bronze : D18 Saffron : D37 Graphite : D40 Odyssey Blue : D44 Blackcurrant : D72 Ocean Green : D92 Papyrus Green : F95 Fern : F99 Lightning Silver : G64 Royal Blue : 460 Panorama Blue : J43 Sherwood : D93 Coral : 797 Arctic Blue : J41 Petrol Blue : F94 Mondial Blue : D43 Orange : O31 Sunflower Yellow : 344 Iceberg Silver : 640 Vertigo Green : 908 Java Green : DNE Platinum : 632 Jet Black : D68
  2. got quoted $71 for a replacement hazard light switch today - it's a pretty cheap looking piece of plastic really with a little light letting you know it's on - press it in and hazards go on and press it again and it goes off I've removed it from the dash and only looking around it looks like it's failing - not moving properly mechanically - hazzards are continuously or of you really force it after 10 attempts it goes off anyway cant believe it's $71 - it's a friggen switch
  3. slick306

    Bremund's Back

    hey I've seen that photos before - is your car for sale atm?
  4. slick306

    SQL Error

    weird.... page 194 of the NSW sightings thread gets an error (http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... start=4825) but page 195 and page 193 are fine the error's the 'no post exist' one as above
  5. what about going to you profile and changing the time zone temporarily ?
  6. after 30 mins or so I've succeed... the pilp were both in bad condition and looks like the previous owner tried to separate halves with a a screw driver... I had to pull the key itself to get a better grip and separate them
  7. I'm having serious issues trying to slide the cover of to replace batteries (for both keys)... what am I doing wrong? One key moves slightly but cant get it to come of. The other one's like it superglued... with the key on a table standing up which side should I be pressing on to make it slide off?? thanks
  8. This is not the news I was hoping for... my warranty runs out late April and didnt think $2000 was particularly good value... looks like I wont even have a choice unless I do it Monday. That sucks !
  9. Hi Vlad I'm the other Vlad here and since I haven't officially said hello to ozrenaultsport forum members I'm taking this opportunity to do that Hello from Vlad and his blue RSC 182 I've edited my number plate with the help of the not so professional photobucket tools - dont have photoshop on the computer I'm using at the moment...
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