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Possible new Clio owner looking at a Genuine F1?


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Gday everyone!!!


Im considering buying a Clio 182 Cup in the next few weeks.


I test drove one at a car dealership here in Sydney.


This one...




But the asking price was $29,990 at the time.


This has since been dropped to $27,990 i beleive.


Does anyone know anything about this particular car?


The salesman has listed it as a genuine F1, but inspecting the car i found no paperwork or documents to support this. No "Plaque" either...


Would an F1 really be worth that much more than a Cup?


I was really looking in the $24,000 bracket, and found a nice Black Cup in Vic through carsales, also a Silver Cup at a dealership, both of which are cheaper than this F1.


Any advice would be great.




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Welcome to the forum !!


Weird... without the "X out of 30" plate, then its "only" a Cup with some aftermarket stripes... never mind, I'm sure if its got the 2.0L donk in it it'll boogie along... just make sure you have the service history.. there was a disgruntled RSC owner here not a few months ago looking to unload...




Please have it checked out... The F1 only has minor cosmetic differences to a stock 182 Cup, but if its the genuine thing will command a little more as its a exclusive batch of 30 cars...

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Welcome Matt 8)


No plaque = no F1 (maybe ring them and ask them what number it is - see if they can give you an answer...)


IIRC when they were new, F1s/LEs commanded something like $500 more than a normal Cup. I guess it's up to the buyer how much extra they are worth but AFAIK they haven't really been going for much more than a normal Cup


Good luck in your search!




Alex 8)


EDIT: Just had a look at the carsales ad and found the first problem... they claim "I1 OF ONLY 20 SOLD ION THIOS COUNTRY" - there were 30 F!s and 15 LEs :roll:

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Welcome Matt!


How random - I took a Pruis last night for a drive up to the Old Pacific Highway and on the way home the car stood out (gotta love that colour - mine is that colour too!). On inspection last night, the car seems in good condition for 43,000kms - the front tyres must've come off the back, as they are still new! And the rear tyres still look quite reasonable, especially for that many Kms!


It isn't an F1 I don't think - however it is an LE, as it has the stripes and rear spoiler! However, not sure if you noticed but the stripes are peeling! Maybe the car was kept in the sun all the time? You can get replacements from Grafico in Melbourne, or if the car is still under warranty then apparently it can be replaced under that!


Good luck with your search - hopefully you find one soon!

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As Teki said there were 2 releases with the blue with stripes. The F1, and then a few extra limited edition ones without the plaque. Sounds like this car is the latter.


That one sounds a bit overpriced to me, I'd say your $24k is about on the mark.

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The plaque is where the map light is, just a note a guy on car sales tried to post his clio was 21/30 thinking that was a od enough number (pointed out by a fellow OZRS member and he changed the ad, so ask them for the plaque, if not then tell them to drop the price because of it as the Gordini stripes are easily accessible by anyone



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Hey Matt,


I just like teki also have one in that colour (french racing blue) and will be putting stripes on it to make it look that little more "unique"... although thesedays there are probably more floating around with stripes then without! :)


I bought mine (my second 182 Cup) a little over a month ago and in my search came across this one and others which claimed to be F1's. Anyway long story short would I have paid $500 more for a genuine F1? Maybe, it does have the front splitter, stripes, rear spoiler and plaque... but considering they are identical to a cup and you could have stripes put on for around $100... it might not be worth it to some...


For $24,000 you'd surely get a very good cup! Don't let these dealers convince you otherwise... besides we know more about these cars than they do and I'd put money on that! I had a dealer in Melbourne accept an offer (made to test to the waters) of $23,500 for a French Racing Blue Cup (non F1) but with 36,800kms! I found a better one in Sydney anyway!


In my opinion you'd be better off getting whichever car you find with the the most warranty remaining, the least amount of kms, the best service history and obviously and probably most importantly the best condition.


Then just drive it every single day like I do and smile every time you're lucky enough to be driving it!



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