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Another Adelaide Clio Driver


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Hi all. Bought my 2002 Clio Sport yesterday, and I'm about to put it through its paces around the Adelaide Hills. This will be my first time to spend a couple of hours "getting to know the car". I need to get use to sensitive throttle and power difference, especially upgrading from a 1.5 litre, 65kW, 120Nm '92 Lancer. Wish me luck!!

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Hi all and thanks for the welcoming.

My first real drive was great. I was suprised how gracefully the car took the bends, even @ 100km/h plus. The only thing that would make the Sport a little bit better, would be a 6th gear. Also, as I plan to do Country trips 2-3 times a month, would it be wise to invest in Cruise Control? and if so, how much should I expect to pay. Your options would be appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome A.T!


Glad you enjoyed your first drive but just a word of advice - it's wise not to mention speeds such as those as you can't be sure who's reading!


Enjoy her 8)



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Welcome to the fold there AT. Not only do you get one of the best cars on the Rd you also get on of the best car forums on the net.


See you soon at the next social occasion. They are worth the effort and it's good to network a bit.


Keep an eye on 'emu' who races his in hill climbs and fly's the flag for us all and just keeps bagging the title everytime.


Any q's just ask the forum :wink:


Edit - where did you get the RSC might be one of the fellas here who moved onto the 225? Main Nrth Renault?



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Welcome AT, and heaps of merry motoring to you

As said, watch the Social column, and we'll meet you at a run soon


YAY..........ADELAIDE ROCKS AS THE WORLD CENTRE FOR RSC's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (outside paris)


I use my CC continuously to preserve my licence

I was just about to get one fitted to my 172 for around $650/700 by Autobarn Mile End,.........when I sold it and bought the Cup

If you want to do that, send me a PM ,and I'll give my mate there a ring to get you a discount

Don't fit it if you have a Unichip fitted as they're not compatible


Cheers pete

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