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hello everyone


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welcome to the forum mate :)


i had no idea Dan sold his car :shock: .........what did he get? :shock:


anyways, enjoy your stay here mate, plenty of useful info about clios and i'm sure the SA boys have a social of some sort in the works - check the socials section for updates :)





You obviously don't read the Clio II section do you Brendan :mrgreen:

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Hi Petko, welcome aboard..............I'm the bloke who owned your car before Dan, and I reckon you're a pretty lucky bloke getting one of the best 172's in OZ at a bargain price, are you Dan's Bank Manager or something??

Cheers Pete

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thanks a lot guys for a warm welcome..


i am very happy with the car and its performance.


there is not many up for sale in adelaide, as you guys probably know, and i guess i was just lucky that the little black beast was one of them.

as i was telling dan there was one in the Advertiser for 14500 but it does not look like a clio anymore. the guy has absolutely trashed it.

and Pete no i am not dans bank manager :) , wish i was though..... and... so you would be the first person (after Dan) to ask for advice regarding the RSC i presume :):):)

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and Dan i can assure you that i will be taking good care of the her.

next week i will go down to see Steve at deacon ave to have a chat about the services and all that.

iv done the wheel alignment today..


Hi Petrashin! Fellow black clio owner here :) Isn't black the best colour! lol.. just kidding all you non-blackers out there :P


Yep, Steve from manta is your man! I've been there for all my servicing (including a timing belt change). I have complete faith he'll take care of my/our baby.


Hope you can come out on Sunday morning.

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as often as Mase or Roo say so!


Was the trashed clio you saw blue? I think I've heard of that guy...


Look forward to meeting you!


What car/s did you use to drive?

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Geeze..where have I been?? :roll: Hi there and welcome :D Dan is a good friend of mine and our wives are friends from 15 yrs back or more. Hope to see you out on a criuse day. This Sunday is french car Day so either roll up at the Torrens Parade Grounds at 830-900 am to join the group run and display your car (think it's about $35 for late entry) or just come up for a drive up to Birdwood Car Museum to catch up with some of the fellas and see all the French Cars..not sure if there is an entry fee for general admission? Prob a few dollars


Good choice on car too. Drives very nicely that one and the Koni's are great..plus you got new tyres...very low K engine...mate it's a bargain :wink:


See you soon.



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