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Well Im in


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Hi guys,


I am now finally added (ok didnt have to wait too long), am getting my rsc 03 on monday or tuesday, tried to post a pic but wouldnt let me (bigger than 80 by 80 pixels) but will work something out soon.


Is it possible for something to auto convert a pic to the right size for an avatar and stuff? oh and how do I add a pic to a post?


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Welcome mate 8)


best bet is Imageshack (as mentioned above) They can auto-resize the image for you & then you just whack it in :wink:


Enjoy the site!!

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Noooooo! My car has been further delayed to later this week! Am starting to get annoyed now! No one seems to know where it is! Does anyone know how good SEVA is as a transport company?

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If you use the: Add image to post link at the bottom of the reply box, you will be directed to an image hosting service.


Things should be pretty straightforward from there!


Drop me a PM if you've any issues!

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