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HI! Should I buy?


Should I buy  

  1. 1. Should I buy

    • Hell yes!
    • Maybe, when you have another form of transport to rely on.

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Gday gang. First I'd just like to congratulate u lot for have the best friggin car forum on the net. :D


But let's get to the point.


I've sold my car and am looking around for a hot hatch at 15k. I am aware that the clio is the hottest and I love the car. Looking around the rest of the bunch are pretty sedate, SSS pulsar(godawful forum), Astra SRi (basically nursing home material) and well thats it.


However whilst the Clio is a good car it is also french. I'm willing to put up with rattles...my old car sounded like the percussion part of the orchestra warming up, but how bad are servicing and other ongoing costs. Considering that I'm buying without a warranty, are they too risky?



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I can't really answer many of your questions but I'm sure others will very shortly. In the mean time there'll be stuff in the technical & Clio II section :wink:


Best of luck & hope you make the right choice :wink:





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Hey mate, there is a great sticky from the UK about purchasing used Clios.


In Newbies Damon just bought a 172 with something like 170K on it and he is a motor journalist :shock:


Let's face it some parts are expensive and they take FRICKEN ages to come, but there is that !172 for 14.5k in for sale and that still has some warranty and you could spend money on extending it.


If the are is well looked after it should be ok, if your in Sydney you'll be in good hands with Paul V.


Go for it you won't regret it :)

(above statement comes with no warranties or endorsements and taken as is)

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Thanks for the tips guys, I appreciate all this info :mrgreen: . I forgot a question...


Most that I am looking at haven't had their timing belts changed. I have read the sticky but what is the average NSW price?


Search is your friednd mate, I can give you Paul V's number get a qoute from him and take the car for him to check.


Paul V

9587 7975

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Hey mate, i bought my 172 just over a year ago with no warranty. To date iv had no problems at all other than having to replace my timing belt ($540) and usual service etc. There a great car and value for money so u cant go wrong.


Cheers Hash

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Mate definitely go for it.

While the comments you've made are certainly vocalised by many on this forum, it seems that in fact these cars are extremely tough.

The engines are very strong, and they don't really suffer difficulties any more than any other car. Yes, they have their idiosyncrasies, but so do most cars.

Parts are expensive.

Like anything, you'll need to look after it to minimise any failures.


Overall, they are an EXCELLENT value car, and yu won't get any better support then from the guys on thi forum! :)

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Welcome mate, Don't be shy, go get yourself a clio, you will not regret it. Ive bought two used 172's out of warranty without

any hassles so far... Just aim to find a car that has been well looked after and treat her well. If you do that all should be fine.

Goodluck, hope to see you in a RSC soon :D

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dude. yes!!!!

clios make you grin like a madman while only sucking down 6.5 litres per hundred ks. and, you will....fall in love with your car. or buy a lotus elise. same sort of fun factor and economy.

but in a clio when you slow down the cops don't notice you.

just don't paint it pink (or we'll all bash you)

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On parts pricing- normal service parts eg. oil filter/ air filter are actually very cheap. I was charged ~$10 for the oil filter and $35 for the air filter last service.


The biggest issue a lot of people have is finding a decent dealer who knows what they are doing and give good service. That can spoil the ownership experience. :wink:

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