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  1. if you dont have any of these, you will soon need them if you start servicing your car. sockets 8,10,13,16,18,19 (wheel nuts - i think) 21/22mm (front struts - forget which) 30mm (if you want to remove hubs) short and long socket extensions. 2 long ones joined together is good. spanners 8,10,13,17,18 torx (star) bits t50 (for steering wheel), t40 (for brake rotors), t30 (abs sensors) (strong as you can get, NOT tamperproof) then some kind of multi folding tool for the smaller torx bits for interior trim. large-ish flathead screwdriver an 8mm square sump plug removal tool. (about $1
  2. try this one :youguysareamazing:
  3. WHY CAN'T I MAKE THEM WORK. NOW I AM SAD. (which is very difficult to express without a smilie, ironically enough) insert rolling eyes here.
  4. Ktec say they offer a discount to cliosport members. should we try to negotiate a discount for OZRS members. or i can tell the I will end every post with shop at ktec if they give me 6.66% discount
  5. so i the little RSC has finally won over my (awesome) GF. she is now the proud owner of a monaco blue 172. as soon as she sat in one that was not stripped out for racing she was won over. i'm sure she will soon beon to say hello. although i guess all her technical questions will be answered by me it needs new wheels and we are thinking of these http://www.tempetyres.com.au/products_c ... art_no=473 in 16" or these http://www.tempetyres.com.au/products_c ... rt_no=1429 in 15" she and i both like them any thoughts??
  6. guys, they stuffed a 2L motor into a car the size of a barina. Cut them some slack.
  7. I use telekenesis, or a bio port that I stole from the set of existenz
  8. heya. hope you like it here. ozrs is a good thing. any roundabouts in whyalla?? you can now beat the silly v8 boys and get 7l/100km too. no free steak knives though. later dude
  9. bump (just kidding- this thread will never die down) what I really meant was hello. hello
  10. dude. yes!!!! clios make you grin like a madman while only sucking down 6.5 litres per hundred ks. and, you will....fall in love with your car. or buy a lotus elise. same sort of fun factor and economy. but in a clio when you slow down the cops don't notice you. just don't paint it pink (or we'll all bash you)
  11. yep, you're right. I messed up. it's bris in june, adelaide in july. I haven't heard anything about AIR not being a goer, but then I don't live in adelaide.
  12. hey aitch, I got quoted 230 bucks for the key fob thing, and my local renault dealer told me that was them giving me a good price. who gave you one for 170, and did that include getting it coded to your car?
  13. yeah. pretty accurate specs huh. they left out the roof mounted jet turbine and active aero package. and that it runs on vegetable scraps. I am definitely planning to do the ***EDIT***brissie (june) and adelaide (july) rounds.
  14. Hey everyone. Thanks for taking an interest. Hopefully you're all not going to be ashamed of me when you find out how clueless/new to this I am. Q Why 16" rims. A My car came with dented rims, and I was having trouble finding 15x7's aftermarket. I bought the rims I have because they were hell cheap (with 3 corn flake coupons) $780 with tyres (grotty falkens) Q do I have a quaife diff? A No, I don't have an LSD, but they are allowed. I saw them on the ktec site, they seem pretty spendy. I assume they are about 2.5K plus installation by the time they get here. I had a bit of a look for phanto
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