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Suggestion regarding sigs and mods


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Apologies if this has been floated before. :oops:


I have noticed on many occasions that when discussing some new modifcation/topic, many people repeatedly have to ask "what have you done to yours?" or "What shocks are you running"? for example.


Would it not make it easier for everyone, and save repetition/confusion if we all listed our details in our sigs? Nothing too OTT.

For example:


Car, Year, Colour

Specs: Camber Bolts, 16's, ITG panel


Just a suggestion. :)

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I'm against it, personally. It starts to look like a brag list.


And then, where do you draw the line? "Megane 225: BrandX shocks v.142225, WhooshKSH dump valve, reclining seats, silver dice valve caps, 'the bitch bites' bumper sticker."

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I'm not against it, but like mentioned previously it can quickly turn into a brag list. I'm pretty familiar with most of the regular posters here and if they've modded their car. But I also find most people will say what they've done to their car then ask a modification question. I can't see listing your mods solving the problem of asking what you've done unless your sig goes into a lot of detail and then it clearly looks like bragging anyway.

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I personally believe that anyone who buys an RSC is not really into bragging and the whole 'mines bigger than yours' game..


I just find it helpful as a quick ref thing in a thread, also saves a bloke getting asked over and over what they have done to their car.

Agree, keep it short and sweet, no need for essays.


Will check out that thread, thanks Biologist

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even just the year, car & colour would be good to save us from having to scratch our heads about who's got what, especially the interstate peeps who we haven't met!

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