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Clio RS 200 sport Newbbie wheels & Tyres question


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HI Guys, Recently bought a clio rs 200 sport MY 14. Thinking of upsizing the rims & tyres from 17" factory setup to 18 ".

It look like a Honda jazz from the side with it's 17" grey wheel.

Not too sure if it's gonna affect the handling of the car.

Any one has done this on this car?


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The Cup and Trophy all have 18s

standard size is 18x7.5j et55 pcs 114.x x5

You wont find many wheels in that size

I ended up with et47 and i am happy with the look running 215 18 40s 

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2 minutes ago, lovedatclio said:

What I got is a clio sport which comes with 17" wheel


If you look at the sticker on the door it tells you the recommended sizes of wheels and tyres.

Deet gave you specifications. PCD is not negotiable. Offset - +/- 2 won't give you problems providing you don't go to wider tyres than 215.

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Handling is more effected my the tire you use and pressures I have found

Trick is to end up with less unsprung weight

I have Enkei RPF1s on mine. There is not a lot of choice when it comes to 18s that will fit

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Why can't you go 19? Looks are personal, unsprung weight is dependant on wheel make and model, and for most people completely irrelevant.

I probably wouldn't put 19's on a Clio IV, but it's technically incorrect to say you can't.


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