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Ey Guys and Girls,


This is my first post on these Forums. Looks like a nice place you have here!


My names Danny, I'm 20 years old and Im from Warrandyte in Melbourne. I dont actually have an RSC 182Cup yet but, I am looking for one, and I figure that its best to get involved in a forum community such as this so I can take in as much knowledge of these cars as possible before purchasing one. My current car is the Ford Fiesta Zetec pictured below (For those who care lol). Im happy with it, and its been a good stepping stone for bigger and better things (Read:182 Cup), but my days with it are numbered, due to it having to go to a younger sibling.




Ive been looking at Polo GTi's, Peugeot GTi 180's, FIAT Diesel Sports Hell even the XR5 Turbo Focus, but these bloody Clio's continue to taunt me from their dark French corner, begging me to buy one. I'm telling ya, I have driven 2 of them, they're just PHENOMENAL (I suppose you already know). So I can't wait to get into one! Their quickness, agility, and poise is just fantastic. What a cult car!


So a big hello to all, make me feel welcome lol!




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Hey Danny!


Finally you joined the pack of RS whores :wink:


I think I've brainwashed you enough with the Clio's abilities and benefits. Good luck with the hunt! The change from the Fiesta to the Clio Sport is a good one.


At least you'll be able to take the Fiesta sometimes. I miss mine... well, the size of it :roll:

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ps. can anyone say Teki the 2nd :wink:


Well, Teki and I used to rule the old EuroFordClub/Ford Forum Stomping ground before going French. HE's the one whose conned me into the Blue and Yellow side :wink:. and gave me the forum URL.


Teki the 2nd? Well if thats what you'd like to call it hahha :sicko:

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Hiya Danny


If you're looking for a newie, you'd better move /real/ fast.


They were thin on the ground 3 months ago when I found mine.


Congratulations on seeing the light and welcome to the forum!

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Ohh that Fiesta, im always spotting u in the area, i live in Doncaster East, just before Warrandyte kicks in. Looks really good for a fiesta, welcome to the forum and hopefully u get a clio soon, so we can make it 2 RCS's in our area.


take care buddie

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DANNY I'VE SEEN YOU!! I love that car man, I've noticed it twice parked on Research to Warrandyte Rd.


I live of St Helena Rd I'm pretty close to you.



Gotta meet up.


And can I just say, that zetec looks WELL sorted.


Haha, although you up gonna be moving up in the world. A lot 8)

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Nice car Danny and obviously welcome to the forum...... Now that you met a few Clio owners in your area, get them to take you for a drive and show exactly what the car has to offer....


Good luck with the hunt....


LMAO at the comment (Teki the 2nd)....


BTW - there is a nice 2005 CUP F1 ( :?: ) in QA unregistered, going for $29,990 drive away... Only done 10.0km :shock:

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Thanks fella's for the warm welcome. I'm happy to be here.


Good to see also that there will be a few RSC Pilots in the area when I finally get into mine!

If ya see me on the road anytime, Give us a flash of ya Zenons!


Clio10SP. I've seen the one in QLD (It's the one in my avatar :wink: ). But until the Fez has been shipped off, I'm shackled to it unfortunately! I'd love to think it would still be for sale, but knowing the RSC 182's, If its not already sold, It will be by the beginning of next week!



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welcome mate!!


i know how exactly how u feel hanging out for an RSC!!


teki knows all about it :wink:


good luck with the search n hopefully it comes quick!!



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Oh steve don't you worry,


I plant to get 103 replies...


Hang on, Make that 182 replies!

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Danny ignore Steven half of those replies and views were from him 8)





So true hahaha. Although I reckon I'll be that excited when I get mine :wink:

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