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So, where is the Alpine section here .......


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Hi all 

long time no chat ... I have been off in TVR Tuscan land for a few years, but I should have been here as I have always had a RS250 Megane as well ... so apologies I was not ignoring you all. Now a proud owner of an aluminium alluminin mum, err alloy Renault parts bin special called an Alpine A110.  went looking for my aussie support network , found it a bit lacking.  set up my own facebook page for Alpine A110 , with 5 members so going strong .  anyway , long story short I popped back here. Found the Alpine Missing from the OZRS forums .... and not rubbing salt into wounds , but admin team .... can we add an Alpine section ( I know of at least 5 people who will contribute) .... hope everyone is well ... carry on and enjoy the day ... Gav. 

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I fell in love with the Alpine once I saw how playful it was on track in this Adam Christo you tube video. He is a UK racing driver but loved how the car rotated mid corner with a cheeky "lift off" :). The Alpine can hold it's own on track with cars with a lot more firepower. No substitute for lightweight!

Cool thing about Adam Christo is he runs his own Track Day Training and he uses... you guessed it a Clio 3 197 as his training vehicle. Check out his channel. 


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Excellent… I’ve watched a lot of alpine video but not this one 

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Alpine A110 Owners Australia ...  now 6 members 

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5 hours ago, JDB said:

Dam, Alpine section - though you were on about car audio ☹️

Then you’ll probably be glad the “end of ICE” thread isn’t about audio too? ;)

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