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  1. Enjoy fella. Chase the rev limit to unleash the inner bogan
  2. Thanks heaps fella. Site looks great!
  3. If there is any OEM white stripes kicking around in a warehouse somewhere I would be keen on some
  4. Yeah that break in the bonnet strips is a blue triangle to show where the battery is for Motorsport. The Marshall puts them on every autokhana. the decals could use a new set but tried Australia dealers and ktec Uk, Reno parts direct Uk and no oem stickers to be found anywhere?
  5. Thanks mate. It's a low KM blue Gordini with an akrapovic exhaust fitted by the previous owner.
  6. Yeah Steve showed me the photos of the seats. It's a peach that one!
  7. Hi Fellas, Finally signed up and been a Clio Gordini owner for 1.5 years. Live in Perth WA. Clio is one of the best fun cars I've owned and funny enough has the lowest BHP & torque compared to previous cars. Had 2 Golf GTI's previously and still own a Golf R Wolfsburg Wagon (Wife Drives that). The Clio get's under your skin way more... Compete in Autokhana series in Perth called Red Mist. The Clio can rub shoulders with the best on the 160mtr skid pan. Taken the Clio on barbs are few times before and going to the Renault Perth Track Day at Barbs Dec 19. Good friend of mine just picked up a Angel & Demon in matt Red and has imported it from NSW. I think the Clio got under his skin too as he just had to have one! Peace Out! Philly.
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