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  1. Also Gambit was living in the UK and bought back a trophy, he may know tuners, mechanics etc, for you to use or have advice where you can get decent avocado on toast or maybe a macro organic vegan soy milk chai latte (or am I just assuming your from Melbourne?) just realised you already know gambit so I’ll shut up 😁
  2. Nice car 👍. In case you didn’t realise it, you just made a lot of ppl jealous. Some because you own a trophy, others because you have driven the green hell and me on both accounts. When are you coming back to oz to increase our trophy count too...? (Guys what’s the trophy count?
  3. Moosey, do you know what font “oz RENAULT SPORT” is written in?
  4. OT but will ther be a 2021 nats?
  5. Would be interested in buying an OZRS hoodie, black with white lettering, but think some would love a FRB hoodie with 2 white stripes down the left side. Any possibilities of it? Also black beanie would be great too.
  6. And as an example how would I search for “close ratios” ?
  7. As an example I tried looking for old posts I did with old user name “nat” (possibly my second name bc of the website changeover years ago) took me almost 10 minutes to find it going though various screens with various key words.
  8. Always had trouble searching for specific topics, as an example just searched “power steering” and nothing came up, only titles with “power” or “steering”. Also; with 52 pages in the clio2 technical section, would it be worth splitting it into seperate sub headings, “brakes”, “diff ratios” etc. hard to go though 52 pages for a specific thread. Eliminate the current 3 different clio2 menus, with a lot of ambiguity between them, for 6+ menus more specific to what knowledge ppl are searching for. ✌️ As the French say, “To many options spoil the choice” Keep in mind I’m only talking about Clio 2 treads as I don’t read threads about other cars
  9. One small problem I’ve got with oz rs is you can’t differentiate between cars (or parts) that are still for sale, or ones that were sold months ago. Sometimes you have to go though the whole page (or pages) until you get to the end and find it’s either sold or the tread is closed. If a car or part is no longer for sale, you 100% have to modify the post title to state so. “Car sold”, “parts no longer for sale” etc. In the past I’ve spent hours going though the classifieds, only to be told, sometimes weeks later, that it’s no longer available, despite it still being advertised. Btw, the reason I bought my first Clio is I thought is was the best bang for bucks car I could afford (anyone want to disagree) But the reason I’m still interested in them is after buying it, I discovered this website. Despite My long absence, I still think oz rs is a great form of information, tech specs etc but more importantly i feel its not a website or a group but a friendly, intelligent, thoughtful religion, I mean website and I welcome it 👍
  10. How do you post you tube links
  11. Nat1


    Old member, having trouble logging in. Think my screen name was Nat.
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