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  1. This is my number 1 site to go for any and all car information. Clio sport has to many ppl trying to have there 2 cents worth without injecting anything positive (or funny) to the topic. Someone could ask a legitimate question and you could scroll through 3 pages of responses before get to a legit answer. I got in to the Mazda sites when selling my rotary but once it sold I’ve never been back. I’ve also looked into Nissan sites and they are a joke, more knuckle dragging bogans than Holden websites. Local content is just a bonus. 👍
  2. Also, sorry to state the obvious, but clio2’s are a dying breed. Write offs, ppl turning them into supercharged road cars, turning them into turbocharged Honda engined track weapons etc
  3. Started looking in July last year, found car I was interested in but couldn’t look at it bc of Covid, looked at and picked up car end of November. Keep in mind the car I bought was never advertised for sale on any website, was only from talking to ppl in here that I found it. Keep in memory if any one talks about maybe selling ther car in future and enquire about it. Some good example cars go on sale on This site and are sold within hours.
  4. 2 things I like about this tread. 1st, somebody out of nowhere decides to makes a post for advice on a commercial vehicle, 2nd but more so, that he got quick responses from ppl offering suggestions?!? Think some ppl on this forum could work at the Renault technical advice call centre. Good work peeps.
  5. Also, just tried to look at ace’s Clio 225 in members rides, all his posts are just a full stop, can’t see anything he has written.
  6. Also, can’t edit my own posts nor react to dooooooooks comment. Ps only access this site through iPhone.
  7. One of my likes on this site Is the members ride section, however you should be able to disable ppl”s comments so I can just read what the owner has done to the car, not the 6 reactions to every technical post they make. Also the lack of recipes for cooking frogs legs, but I digress. Sure I might of written 5 of those posts, but still.
  8. sorry for the re-post, website upgrades, not me
  9. Not up to scratch I know but I’ll get ther
  10. Whenever I post something from my iPhone, when I go to post something else, the original content shows up meaning I have to delete everything I last posted including attachments
  11. Whenever I post something from my iPhone, when I go to post something else, the original content shows up meaning I have to delete everything I last posted including attachments
  12. Pathetic 1st Design but I’ll get there, not sure about front and back. Thought the ozrs on the back with the Renault diamond on the front, but maybe reverse would be better?
  13. IS200 is probably the best car I’ve ever driven, apart from no power, great chassis, excellent 6 speed and brakes. Unbelievably smooth 6 cylinder, but you constantly hit the 6500 rev limit thinking is that it? IS300 auto, despite around 50kw more and paddle shifters (crap) was boring in comparison. Always wondered what the Toms version with 280 hp 3sgte would be like.
  14. Also Gambit was living in the UK and bought back a trophy, he may know tuners, mechanics etc, for you to use or have advice where you can get decent avocado on toast or maybe a macro organic vegan soy milk chai latte (or am I just assuming your from Melbourne?) just realised you already know gambit so I’ll shut up 😁
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