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Megane RS280 more practical than a Clio RS200?


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone (particularly with kids) upgraded from a Clio RS200 (mk4) to a Megane RS280?

We have two kids now and the Clio is getting a bit tight. It would be great to have something a little bit bigger, but I still love hot hatches.

I am interested in rear leg room, space for car seats and how that affects front row passengers, i.e. do you have to have your knees in your ears to fit kids seats in the back.

Also is the boot much bigger? Air con decent enough? (Clio's AC struggles on very hot days)

Any other benefits I haven't thought of? 

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I just wanted to say congratulations on not automatically buying a SUV.

Yes, it is actually possible to have kids and survive with a hatch, sedan or wagon.

we have a Clio (mk3) and a Meg. The legroom comparison isn’t too relevant since the Mk3 is only a 2 door but the difference in the size of the boot is very significant. I’m amazed how much room is in a Meg boot.

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The Meg 4 boot is larger than most of its competitors, yet it's only achieved that by compromising on rear leg room. 

It's possibly to have car seats and kids on there, it's just no roomy

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The wife has the suv for the practical car. But the Clio has no chance to fit a rear facing child seat . So I was wondering if the Megane was any better or if the difference is negligible.

I've found having chucky sports seats in the front often take up more rear leg room, like the new S3.

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I have a 13 year old that fits in the backseat comfortably behind the passenger seat (with the passenger seat back all the way on the rails but not lowered). I'm pretty sure you'd fit a rear facing seat on the passenger side, and there's enough room for them to continue to fit in the back for quite a few years. There's a decent cutout for knee room in the back of the seats.

What would your driving position be though? The only way you would fit someone behind the drivers seat in my driving position (i'm 6'2 and have it all the way back and lowered all the way) is if they had no legs (you can barely fit your hand between the rear seat and the front seat).

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Thanks for the feedback. Good to know.

I am 5'10 so hopefully there is a bit more room behind the driver's seat. I have around 20cm between the back of the driver's seat and the base of the rear seat. But as always, it's the kids seats that kill you. Once the kids are old enough to be out of the seats you can jam then in anywhere! ;)

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