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  1. As most prospective buyers, I drove both Cup and Sport to decide. I wanted the LSD so was looking to get the Cup, but the ride was too firm for me. I bought the Sport. It really is up to you to decide which you prefer the feel of. As speedfiend says, the OEM tyres are awful. I was getting terrible axle tramp and feared it was the lack of LSD. Changed tyres to Goodyear Asymmetric 5's. Axle tramp gone and nicer drive. YMMV
  2. Nice colour. Looks clean. What tyres on it ? and km ?
  3. About $700-800 in your favour https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2014-renault-clio-rs-200-cup-premium-auto/SPOT-ITM-398522/ https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2014-renault-clio-rs-200-cup-trophy-auto/SPOT-ITM-385613/ Are you sure the chassis is different?
  4. Please don't tell us how cheap it was..... Nice looking car.
  5. Welcome. Enjoy the ride ! (once you find it)
  6. Welcome Nice looking car ! 👍
  7. On the 265, it's 4 years or 40k km, whichever first. NOT 100k km.
  8. Others will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the 265 needs a new timing belt every 4 years or 40000km.
  9. oscargamer

    Hey hey!

    I recently got one of these. One cup. Works well. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Left-Car-Seat-Gap-Crevice-PU-Leather-Catcher-Storage-Box-Organizer-Cup-Holder/224031906373?pageci=f33ae897-881c-4ae4-b41d-fbe4b44ae2e9
  10. You need to drive an rs280 cup. I drove both, as most do, and the cup was too harsh for me. Others prefer the cup. Each to their own. If you liked the sport chassis, then look for one of those.
  11. Both. It's an RS280 with a Cup chassis. Simply put, Cup has a stiffer chassis than a Sport, has black wheels and red Brembo calipers. DEFINITELY look outside your home town. I'm 3hrs SW of Melbourne. No dealer in Melbourne was willing to negotiate, so I found the car I wanted in Sydney, agreed a price over the phone/internet (including trade-in), drove to Sydney, swapped cars, drove home over a few days. Made a trip of it. Saved $8K. You MUST look elsewhere. Out of interest, have you driven both the Sport and Cup?
  12. That's a sport chassis, not cup. 2019 not 2018. But I think you got the Bose bit right though.
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