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  1. At that age you want to see receipts for when the belts were changed, ancillary/accessory and timing. Personally I don't like cars that are being sold very quickly after being bought.... Maybe I'm just suspicious, but it raises an alarm to me
  2. Hi Welcome PHOTOS of your ride before anything else
  3. Maybe post the last 6 digits of the VIN ? and what $$ you traded it in for? I know it's not that black and white, but might give a potential buyer an idea on price?
  4. When you started this thread, you knew little about the RS. With time, you gained knowledge and it now sounds like you want an RS that doesn't exist (either features are wrong or budget is wrong or.....) Budget is of course important, so why not buy an RS that you can afford, that has most of the features you want. The other choice is buy another car. Most people here would say buy an RS. Most people on a Golf forum would say buy a Golf. It really is your choice. I bought an Alfa in the late 90's, when they were unreliable pieces of sxxx. I LOVED that car. It put a smile on
  5. NOT Werribee. Please re-read my post......
  6. I used Geelong. They were great. "Here's the keys. Bring it back in an hour with a full tank please" Werribee awful. 'Allowed me to test drive for about 3km with a salesretard next to me talking shit the whole time.' Nope. I can't stand anything other than manual. Buy the one you prefer. Agreed
  7. Hi. Good choice to look at the RS 😃 1) Really up to you. The cup chassis is too firm for me, but others love it. You will get axle tramp with the sport and OEM tyres. My tramp went away with some nice Goodyear asymmetric 5 tyres. 2) it's fine. I miss the physical buttons for the aircon more 3) don't know 3a) don't know 4) Reliability is good. Dealers are dealers. Some better than others. I think you will enjoy having test drives!
  8. Nice colour. Looks clean. What tyres on it ? and km ?
  9. About $700-800 in your favour https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2014-renault-clio-rs-200-cup-premium-auto/SPOT-ITM-398522/ https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2014-renault-clio-rs-200-cup-trophy-auto/SPOT-ITM-385613/ Are you sure the chassis is different?
  10. Please don't tell us how cheap it was..... Nice looking car.
  11. Welcome. Enjoy the ride ! (once you find it)
  12. On the 265, it's 4 years or 40k km, whichever first. NOT 100k km.
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