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  1. Nice looking beast. Enjoy it.
  2. Thanks. Have to say I was trying to get a Flame Red (like yours), but they are very limited, so went for colour number 2 !
  3. Eventually stopped raining here and got a couple of snaps of my new lovely. Looks great in the sun and is going very well.
  4. My previous Mazda 3 Skyactiv SP25 was exactly the same with 91 vs 95 vs 98 (power / butt dyno / fuel consumption) over 5 years.....
  5. I asked Renault Australia this question... "Hi, I have just bought a Megane RS 280. Just wondering the RON fuel to use. 95 or 98?" They replied, " Thank you for your online enquiry. Your Megane R.S. can use 95 or 98 RON. For future reference please refer to the sticker on the inside of your fuel flap." Fairly definitive. No words like 'recommended' or 'advised' or similar.
  6. I would love to see your data (but less so, the butt dyno ! )
  7. 6 posts up and in my signature. 2018 RS Megane 280 EDIT - I love it when people change their post after a reply. Deet originally asked what my car was.......
  8. Again, respectfully, I don't accept what you are saying over what the manufacturer says. It's a common misconception that 98 is 'better' than lower RON fuels. There are many manufacturers that state "you can use xx RON occasionally, when the recommended yy RON is not available". That is not the case here. Renault have stuck a sticker on the filler cap saying 95 AND 98 are acceptable. I have only had 3 tanks used so far. 2 at 98 and 1 at 95. I can't tell the difference but will keep score over the next year or so and report back the actual numbers, rather than the 'vibe or mabo or feel' of a tank of a particular RON.
  9. As a noob here, I really don't want to be rude, but when the manufacturer says 95 is OK (on the fuel filler cap) then I'm questioning why people are insisting 98 is the recommended fuel? For a random internet person to say that the manufacturer is wrong and only XXX servo branded 98 is suitable, I scratch my head and ask, what the?
  10. I've just bought my 2018 RS Megane 280. The fuel filler cap says either 95 or 98 is OK. Is there a reason I can't use 95 ?
  11. Car drives beautifully. Nicest driving car I have ever owned. That's not saying much. I've had very dull cars before. We have BMW 330d's and X5 4.0 td's at work. I prefer mine over these......go figure. More smiles per gallon for the frog !!! Suspension is just right for me. Cup chassis was too stiff. Sharp turn-ins, need to get used to these. Gear shift is ok, not the best, need to do most of them in two movements. Not unpleasant, just different from the last car, which was very smooth. Very bum hugging seats, hadn't picked that up before. Need to have pelvic surgery to reduce bone width. Kids love the car and the heart beat when you enter it. Enough room for them for a while at least (wife's SUV is main kid carrying thing) BOSE stereo is very nice. Hearing parts of songs that I haven't heard before. Washed the car on arrival at home, hoping to take photos today. Hasn't stopped raining though. The irony.......after my previous comment about the drought further north. Don't like the key. ... How do the rest of you carry it? Too big for wallet. Can't attach to existing key ring. Put it in trouser/jacket pocket and will probably leave it somewhere..... Solutions? Overall.....9.5/10 for driving. 9/10 for aesthetics. 9.5/10 fun factor. 10/10 for uniqueness (I haven't seen a single one in my part of VIC) Will be hanging here for a while to learn from those of you that know much more than me
  12. Good thanks. Overnighted in wodonga, so the longest day was wodonga to Sydney and back. 1100 km. But the first half was looking forward to the rs, and the second half was driving the beast, so not all bad I spent a fair while listening to the radio about the plight of the farmers in NSW that are struggling through the drought. Not really aware of it coming from Vic. There I am wondering about my new Euro play thing, when people are struggling, really struggling with just surviving. I need to do something to help them. Not sure what, but I will do something.
  13. I HAVE IT !!!! I am literally the most excited 50 something bloke in VIC at the moment. Have always wanted a French hot hatch. NOW I HAVE ONE Long drive from Sydney to SW Vic though. LOVE the car. Photos after I've cleaned it.
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