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  1. Good thanks. Overnighted in wodonga, so the longest day was wodonga to Sydney and back. 1100 km. But the first half was looking forward to the rs, and the second half was driving the beast, so not all bad I spent a fair while listening to the radio about the plight of the farmers in NSW that are struggling through the drought. Not really aware of it coming from Vic. There I am wondering about my new Euro play thing, when people are struggling, really struggling with just surviving. I need to do something to help them. Not sure what, but I will do something.
  2. I HAVE IT !!!! I am literally the most excited 50 something bloke in VIC at the moment. Have always wanted a French hot hatch. NOW I HAVE ONE Long drive from Sydney to SW Vic though. LOVE the car. Photos after I've cleaned it.
  3. I found the 308 to be 'livelier' than the RS. Twitchier. More like a greyhound, with the RS being like a racehorse. I felt the RS to be more 'mature' and smoother, with the 308 being a bit more jerky. Didn't like the gearshift of the 308. The 308 felt faster. I DID NOT like the driving position of the Pug and the steering wheel was just wrong. I felt like I was sitting 'on' the 308 (like a go-cart) but 'in' the RS (like a car). I see you have the Pug. Can I ask if you are tall? I am (6'4") and wonder if that has a bearing on my thoughts? All the above are just my opinions and everyone has those (just like the other thing). I do however, love the understated looks of the 308. Wolf in sheeps clothing.
  4. Greetings, Literally just bought this car https://www.autotrader.com.au/car/10577478/renault/megane/nsw/warwick-farm/hatchback 😁 Picking it up in 10 days or so - I have to drive from Melbourne to Sydney to do the trade-in, but it'll be worth it ! I'm an ex-Pommie and have always been a fan of the fast Frenchies. Looked at the 308 GTi, but the dash and steering wheel was all wrong for me. Jumped into a Megane 280 and felt immediately at home. Can't wait to collect the thing. Hopefully I'll post some pics in the next few weeks. Yes it's stock, yes it's grey, but IT'S MINE....MINE..... mwah ha ha ha
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