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  1. All good! The fog was... interesting for the first few laps.
  2. Should be space! QR has a bit more room than Lakeside. There's a 20% chance of a tiny bit of rain (my weather app says 0.2mm) in the morning but it goes ahead unless the rain is torential and there's standing water on the track, so don't stay home if you wake up and there's some drizzle! RCCQ Happy Laps Wet Weather Policy.pdf
  3. Yep! QR has given the go ahead. See below for the info from RCCQ:
  4. Hey mate, welcome! Send Graham an email at rccq.sec@gmail.com and he'll help sign you up for Happy Laps at QR in August. Happy Laps is a great place to start to get comfortable with the track layouts before you jump on with people trying to set lap times. The next Happy Laps at Lakeside will be 26th of September I believe. One not to miss! The future of Lakeside and Happy Laps sessions in general is up in the air for next year and Lakeside is great fun so get on there while you can. I've driven at QR, Lakeside and Morgan Park in QLD and Sydney Motorsport Park in NSW and Lakes
  5. ReeceM

    My first Renault

    Assuming 5-10 years of ownership that gives you a launch every 2-3 days or so. Probably enough unless you're taking traffic light Grand Prix extremely seriously 😅
  6. ReeceM

    My first Renault

    Welcome! Have also been in my first Renault since October. Gotta love the black paint on black wheels 🤩
  7. Awesome, welcome! Love the 265 in white 😍
  8. I have a 13 year old that fits in the backseat comfortably behind the passenger seat (with the passenger seat back all the way on the rails but not lowered). I'm pretty sure you'd fit a rear facing seat on the passenger side, and there's enough room for them to continue to fit in the back for quite a few years. There's a decent cutout for knee room in the back of the seats. What would your driving position be though? The only way you would fit someone behind the drivers seat in my driving position (i'm 6'2 and have it all the way back and lowered all the way) is if they had no legs (you c
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