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Hi all,

im running a Clio 3 angle & demon.

im new to the forum but not new to running a Clio.

originaly from the uk. amongst other cars I’ve previously owned a 172 & 182 back in the early 2000’s.

just looking to relive my youth and the modifications have already started lol

happy to catch up with any one interested in heading out for a spirited drive or a trip to the track. I’m located north west of Brisbane.



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Impressive pedigree in Clio ownership 👍

The Brissie guys and girls have a social drive planned for Sunday 13th Sept. check out the social events section for details and RSVP 🇫🇷 

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matt paint from factory. Grey or red here in Australia with the A&D model. Uk got a very small batch of the same spec car in the red/grey and literally a hand full of light Matt grey almost white/silver from a distance. Less than 40 I believe In total badged as a Raider. A nod No less to the last Renault 5 turbos to roll off the production line, that we’re given the same name in 1991. 

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Yeah the story is that the  UK Renault team didn’t think the Ange et Demon marketing fitted their customer profile. So being such a big RS market, they were given permission from France to adopt the Raider naming.

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