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Thanks to teki04 for carding my 182 in newtown on the day of earthdance. Ive been driving my brothers silver 182 for just over a year. He had bought the 206GTI and had it for only 2 - 3 weeks when he suddenly turned up with the 182 on my doorstep claiming he had been really dissapointed with the 206 for various performance and comfort reasons. Only one month after he got his hands on the 182 he left for japan to teach english...oh dear...this is why ive had it for the year. I immediately sold my car to ensure i had no choice but to drive the clio. My brother is coming back in 2 months......ive fallen so in love with this car i seriously do not know how the hell im going to hand the keys over. one thing for sure is i will be getting my own. My dilema is do i wait for the 197?? from what ive read here and other places i don't really know if its worth it.???..the only other 182 i see on a regular basis (once every 2 weeks which is pretty regular ive found) is a black one, always parked on the very south end of King Street near the chimney stacks..anybody know about it??


Thanks Steve! - this site rocks and has only intensified my NEED for my own precious, vicious and f#*@!ng awsome 182.

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As I said in the PM...


Welcome! Hope your enjoying your BROTHERS 182!


Who pays for the costs?


Alway, glad I finally managed to get the website written down on my business card. My friends were getting pretty sh*tty after my 3rd go!

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