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I was there first (but here second)


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Hey All,


As JRo's housemate I can officially say, I am second on this website but he copied me on the car! The lure of my iceberg silver 172 forced him from Alfa to the promised land....


And how could he resist with me caning him on every curvy piece of tarmac we ever ran together?


(course he two-upped me with both the 182 and that loverly Cup suspension and now he's gonna skool me through the bends .... :cry: Gonna have to make some adjustments to fix that!


Cheers All. Happy to say g'day...

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Nice one!


Welcome Droozey.


Haha, gotta love that. Doesn't that always happen with friends though? I know one of my friends will one day up the 182Cup and get something quicker (is there anything quicker though?)


Joey - we had a technical glitch, and new members couldn't register.


So, what you got planned Droozey? I think screw it and just do it like James - get a 182 Cup. Then you'd have two! :wink::lol:

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You must have the coolest household around, except maybe if there's one with both a Megane Cup and Clio Cup :oops:

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