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New RS 275 Owner


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Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2015 RS 275 Cup Premium with 27,000kms. She is in pretty good knick.

Is it a common thing to have a sunroof that doesn't open? There is definitely no button. Can't seem to see anything on the web.

Looking forward to reading through the wealth of knowledge here and catching up with other Megane owners later on.



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Welcome Matt,

The more you drive it the more you won't want to get out of it...

If you require parts etc... contact me here.

Fixed Glass roof, sliding closing cover only...

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Appreciate the replies.

Thanks Dooook, not sure my confidence is up for a track day just yet. It's been a while since going to one. It's definitely on the radar. I am eager to get a full service done before heading out to one though. It seems RenoTech is the place to go? I previously took my heavily modified Focus xr5 to Tunehouse in Marrickville and it seems they also do Renaults. I'm sure there are some posts on here with people's exepriences which will help me decide 😊.

Thank you sdubs, I'll keep you in mind.

At least I am not scratching my head about the moonroof now ha. It's still nice having the sun or moon coming through. Creates a nice atmosphere in the car.



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