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  1. Sdubs

    New RS 275 Owner

    Welcome Matt, The more you drive it the more you won't want to get out of it... If you require parts etc... contact me here. Fixed Glass roof, sliding closing cover only...
  2. Sdubs


    Both these are normal... Usual oil leak at the bolts that hold down the top breather plate. Simple fix is to remove bolt seal and refit. The one they are seeing is at the cvt solenoid and the Coil assy.. very Common but not a big deal.. Check engine light comes on and goes out after start...normal
  3. ALL Rs Sport Renault are great track day cars.............
  4. Sdubs

    Tune Ups

    reno tech 94775344 race Spec Tuning, Emu Plains
  5. goes at the left side top of the front bar, the induction pipe fits into this and Cools the ecu in front of the battery.
  6. Put it in sports mode and use with paddle shift, you will love the exhaust tone...particularly the over run and changing down..
  7. Found heat shield clips missing on mine, the shield over laps and sits over Mid Muffler & up to rear of engine. Replaced missing clips, noise gone... Oil Leaks will be coming from cam cover bolts near coils...Remove bolt 1 by one and add sealant, common problems...
  8. Sdubs

    Megane GT220 Wagon

    Simply, it grips, points and goes, in a way that more mundane mid-sized wagons competing in that price bracket, cant.
  9. Sdubs

    Delivery kilometer

    Most of the new current RS's received needed to be road tested after a software update for the stop start system....
  10. Glass roof, electric Leather front seats....nice
  11. Sdubs

    Factory Floor Mats

    genuine Accessories, available in many different variations. Flag style, stitched style, yellow RS style. megane style
  12. I would say he lubricated the slide pins.....My suggestion to you is to drive it hard and really use the pads...that gets the material to adhere to the rotors. We use genuine pads all the time and have never had a problem...
  13. Worn Rotors and new pads can be a problem.. I have just replaced my rotors and Genuine pads, all fine.. Also when washing the car, high pressure the inner wheels, calipers and rotors, to remove dust etc..
  14. That car is the first of the face lift model, Glass roof is nice, but doesnt open.Price is about right...be prepared for low mileage cars, anywhere between $27,000 for early to $32,000 for late.
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