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Happy new Megane GT owner


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Hello and welcome. I sat in a GT last year and played around with it a bit. Not my cup of tea but it didn't made a bad impression.

1 hour ago, tfdpny said:

Welcome. EDC = not for me, but glad you're enjoying your Meg. They certainly look lovely in Malta Blue.

At least over here the colour is called Iron-Blue (TE RQH). Malta-Blue (TE RNT) is the Gordini colour.

55 minutes ago, chuckovski said:

It's bizarre that the RS280 didn't come in this colour - it looks great. Congrats!

I was told that this colour was reserved for the Megane GT and certain Clios. Renault's decision are often not understandable. I for example don't get why Bamboo-Green isn't available for RS models. It would surely look good and could have been the direct successor of AG.

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34 minutes ago, tfdpny said:

You're right, it is Iron Blue. 

We had a Clio GT 1.2 available here for a while which came in Malta and the previous Megane 3 GT220 also came in Malta. 

That's possible because the traitors at Renault have used it for certain GT (Line) versions before. I say traitors because Malta-Blue is actually the (modern) Gordini colour and should therefore be reserved only to said editions in my opinion. They could have easily gone with Albi-Blue (Monaco-Blue) instead which isn't that different but no special edition colour.

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