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  1. Welcome aboard. I like the silver highlights on the side mirrors.
  2. Thanks Sam! Good thinking. The boot latch works fine but that doesn't necessarily meant its not the culprit.
  3. Thanks! Just posted a bunch of photos.
  4. Yes indeed. The connections between Renault and Lotus just clicked! - Renault took over the Lotus F1 team a few years ago.
  5. Welcome aboard Marcus. I like the clean look of your car and the subtle touches of debadging and rear spoiler. Ah the joys its going to bring!
  6. Thanks for the welcome Faeros. Interesting tyre pressure setup. It makes sense. I'll try it but maybe gradually change the pressure first. How has dropping the front tyre pressure to 29 psi affected your tread wear?
  7. Again good advice Bingle! Glad that 11.4 liters seems to be bout right. I have some time this weekend to look into the rattles and will test the tailgate. And yeah, I always let the car cool down by driving gently for the last few minutes. I don't ever drive the car very hard anyway. Besides its not easy to access good twisty roads in Melbourne.
  8. Thanks for the advice Bingle. Yes, I've considered donor suspension from a Cup if I decide to keep the car longer term. The car is still very impressive and I feel it just needs some damping improvement and reduced roll in the front. Agreed LSD isn't worth the cost benefit.
  9. Merci Détraqué! It was one of those Elans that were licensed to Kia. So it had a 1,8 liter Kia engine. The car was far from stock though - suspension, engine tuning, exhaust and sound system mods to name a few. Handling was other level! One of the most fun cars I've owned. I have seen some of the Isuzu powered Elans in Australia - mostly in stock condition. I'm curious. What is the connection with Hethel?
  10. Here are a few photos. Also some of the alcantara interior work. The dash console cover plastic is very reflective and annoying - the alcantara cover really helped.
  11. I’ve considered a muffler chop. Because the car is a bit quiet even though mine had the some mods done to the center exhaust which allows the car to burble at idle. Don’t hear much though when on the go. How much does the mod cost? And is it the sound droney at cruising speeds though?
  12. Great to see such a big community for ‘niche’ French sports cars. And darn just missed the event a few days ago! I’ll look for the photos. I bought my first RS last year from a dealer (Bright orange RS 225 Phase I - called Orangina) - always loved Renaults since first seeing the Renault 5 Turbo in France and the 6 wheel Renault F1 car at Charles De Gaulle Airport in the 80’s. A little bit about my RS 225: The car didn’t feel stock and Auto Paris in Melbourne confirmed that its had a few mods including intake, suspension, exhaust and ECU. I took it for a spin to Great Ocean Road
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