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Rs 265 hatch rust?


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Hey Gents, 

I gotta odd one to ask fellow RS owners. 

Does anyone have rust bubbling up around the hatch area of the hatch handle? And there seems to be a hole where I think water is leaking in. I'm not the first owner and wonder if everyone else's is like that also....? 

If anyone else has checked please let me know I gotta get this fixed asap. 

See following photos 







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The round hole is actually there to let water out if it somehow gets into the hatch. It should be "outside" of the rubber sealing of the trunk.

I've experienced about the same "bubbling" with my old car but that was 20 y/o Peugeot 306. A good painter and varnisher should get rid of that without much of a problem. You should just make sure to find out what is causing the problem in the first place before you visit one.

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Better check the corrosion warranty. I’d be very surprised if that wasn’t covered.

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Please explain? 

All cars come with a Warranty against structural defects like corrosion and it’s usually 5 years or more.

So perhaps yours will still be under warranty.

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^Are we a little confused today? :lol:

My Clio has a (anti) corrosion guarantee that runs 144 month/12 years. I'd guess that's the same for the Megane? You can check that by registering (your car) at "MY Renault".

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53 minutes ago, HappyGorilla said:

i asked and its too old now. but what is MY Renault exactly? 

Seems to only be available to European Reno owners. Can't find Aussie version.

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Don't get turned away that easy. I don't know how it is with the Meganes but I'd guess they've the same warranty/guarantee regulations as a C3RS and there it's 12 years for corrosion. And that's what's the case here as it's not just a paint related issue which may actually be out of warranty by now.

I'd have thought that Renault offers that MY Renault thing worldwide. Have you tried this here?


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