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Intro - Frb Clio200


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hi guys


Proud owners of a FRB Clio200, bought off a forum member, Jkfreem, earlier this year

Car is a joy to drive and a completely different beast to my last car, which was unfortunately stolen  :furious:


Apart from an Akrapovic Exhaust, it is pretty much stock standard

Right now no major plans to mod the car as i know there's no going back once you start

Just going to enjoy the clio as it was built



The day i got the car 





After getting it ceramic coated





New RSC200 plates





Before i got my hands on the clio, i started off with a Mazda MX5

Stroked to 1.7L with ITB






After parting ways with the MX5, i got into something something turbo

Had the EVO for about 4 years until it was stolen while parked outside my apartment.

But the end result means i get to be in a clio which is alot easier to drive in traffic  :wink:




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Welcome! Lovely Clio. I know who did your ceramic coating (recognise his CLA in the background, and I know the warehouse very well...) and it looks fantastic. Really need to get my car out there for a once over!

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Nice post yuge! Glad you are enjoying the car. Awesome car - so much fun. And now I get to track the progress of it which is cool. That ceramic coating looks amazing - you got me thinking about it for my current Clio. Who did it / how much was it? Cheers



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