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  1. Is that good? 😊 I'll bet the 4WS is huge fun once you get used to it. Love your stealth colour choice
  2. Bingle

    Megane sport 225

    These'll do ya: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DBA-Brake-Rotor-Pair-DBA2350-fits-Renault-Megane-2-0-Sport-225-RS-II-165kw/153310642660?fits=Model%3AMegane&hash=item23b206c1e4:g:82UAAOSwdnZaBKaa&frcectupt=true
  3. I don’t want mine anymore
  4. Bingle

    Noisy EDC

    They'll collate, process, analyse and chart the customer satisfaction data and discard the complaints as outliers. Then they'll have some meetings.
  5. Bingle

    Noisy EDC

    This might be a good thing. When it gets bad enough they will not be able to deny that it's an issue. Keep a record of all your interactions, preferably getting their response to your warranty claim in writing. This will be useful for when you go to Fair Trading. Also if your transmission fails out of the warranty period you'll still be covered as you'll be able to show that a problem already existed
  6. Bingle

    Noisy EDC

    I see red when they do this. HTF do they expect their diagnostic machine to detect, say a dodgy bearing of an out-of-tolerance mechanical component?
  7. Bingle

    Newbie 1st post

    Excellent work! Welcome
  8. Bingle

    New Clio 182 owner

    Wow, that’s gota be s handful no matter how well it’s set up! Way-cool nonetheless.
  9. Bingle

    New Clio 182 owner

    You really don’t need to get so technical about it. You don’t want to alter your roll centers? If you lower your car, you’ve got no choice. The front roll center will be lowered by more than the center of gravity, maybe a lot more. As long as your roll center remains above ground level and isn’t higher than standard, you won’t go too far wrong. You can guarantee this by ensuring that the angle of your control arms is somewhere between stock and horizontal (not sloping up to the hubs). Keeping to this rule of thumb (either by not lowering too much or by fitting a roll center correction kit) might not give the optimal result but it’s better than ignoring roll center altogether when lowering your car. Edit: Just noticed you're an experienced racer so apologies if I'm teaching granny how to suck eggs 🙂
  10. Thanks @Moosey but it started working a couple of days ago
  11. Hi, I haven't been receiving email notifications for threads I follow for months. I've checked my account settings a number of times and they're correct AFAIK. Any advice someone can offer to help get the emails happening again would be gratefully received.
  12. You'll be fine. No harder to drive at normal pace than anything else. Just don't push too hard too soon
  13. I suspect that the boot latch can rattle - even when adjusted correctly - due to a touch of body shell flex. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the latch. Of course your rattle might be something else altogether.
  14. Love the Elan. FWD handling 20 years ahead of its time. Shame they weren't more successful in the market.
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