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Tassie 225Er!


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Gday Folks!


Just joined the RS Club, picked up a very tidy 2004 Megane 225 last week.

Been for a couple of little drives so far and absolutely loving it! Here's a couple of pics - it's completely stock at the moment. Not a big fan of the wheels on it, might try a plasti-dip at some point, but yeahhh.... Hey!






Nice to meet you all - look forward to the trials and tribulations of my ownership! Coming from Saab.... It's nice to have ALL the electronics working in it!! So far so good.




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I've found myself driving around in a 9-3 Aero these days - such a nice car, comfy as and goes well, except for, you guessed it, all the electronics that have kicked the dust in the few months I've been behind the wheel of this thing... lock system, headlight leveller, o2 heater circuit, throttle body...

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Welcome and great choice.


Visited Tassie briefly for the very first time last week, it's a beautiful place and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun blasting your new toy around some awesome twisties!


Electronics in the 225's are ok, mine has been good aside from the usual suspects - window regulators, erratic rain sensing wipers (although they still work the behaviour is bizarre), TDC sensor etc.


But the good news is that the RS community is very tight, help and advice is only a short post away.



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Thanks Guys!


Sure are Michael - I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm up that way!


Good to hear Doook, Might have to keep that in mind when I'm ready to move up a peg :wink:


Yeah cloudy - I came from a 9-5 SE Impluse buy, Shockers Buggered all round, Tires Worse than I thought, No Fan at all in the A/C System, No Display, Every warning light stuck on, Horn didn't work... You catch my drift. The newer 93s are a good looking machine though!


Cheers LS1, The usual bunnies with any car I guess! Certainly some nice roads around here, It's nice to re-explore some on some better wheels!

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Welcome Sam !!! Hello from the boring end of the state......Devonport :(

This is a great forum and you're sure to find plenty of info, advice, ideas, hints & tips for your new toy on here.

(The car looks great by the way, nice work champ)


Cheers....Will :)

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