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  1. Welcome Rick and congrats on your new purchase(s) I was the previous owner of your 197 before Carlos. It's a great car and should give you a smile from ear to ear 😁 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an inbox. Cheers.....Will
  2. Hi everybody I've had to sell my beloved 197 to help fund my current 182 Cup LE restoration I've spent the day cleaning her up for her new owner that is collecting her Friday morning. I'm certainly going to miss this fantastic little car, but I'm confident she's going to a good home Here are a few piccies from today...... Cheers......Will
  3. Welcome Sam !!! Hello from the boring end of the state......Devonport This is a great forum and you're sure to find plenty of info, advice, ideas, hints & tips for your new toy on here. (The car looks great by the way, nice work champ) Cheers....Will
  4. Great work Andrew and awesome before and after pics
  5. Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply and i thought that must have been the case regarding the 'Launceston Autohaus' and 'Neil Buckby' dealerships. I got the car home this morning and am really impressed with it I had many hours to kill on the boat, so I spent that time wisely reading all the booklets that were supplied with the car, cover to cover......twice LOL I was very pleased to discover that the timimg belt had been replaced by 'Essendon Renault' in September this year at 41,200kms. Car now has 41,725kms and the only thing i'll be immediately replacing is the perished rubbers on the
  6. Thanks for the welcome and helpful info Andrew & 'mmh' Unfortunately, my time 'over the water' is going to be very limited due to flying into Melbourne late morning and heading back via The Spirit (of course) Wednesday night. All the service records will be supplied with the car (dealer sent me pics of these to my mobile) but regarding the timing belt, i'm not 100% sure ??? I'm thinking my best bet will most likely be through the 'Neil Buckby' Renault dealership in Launceston (100kms from my place in Devonport). Won't be cheap, but obviously better than the alternative......
  7. Here is a few pics from the carsales ad
  8. Hey people My name is Will and I live in the sleepy little city of Devonport, Tasmania. I'm soon to be a first time Renault owner, as I've just paid a deposit on a 2009 Clio Sport 197 that i'm collecting from Melbourne mid next week. I'm pretty keen to get it.......hurry up Wednesday !!! I've always been a fan of hot hatches and owning a Clio has always been on my to do list at some stage I'll be completely honest and say that my knowledge of these wonderful little machines is very limited, so i'll be most likely spending many hours on here researching the hell out of my new toy. I
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