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The 4 Year Wait..


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Hey all,


After a test drive way back in 2012 I finally just went for it and swapped my XR5 for a used 265 Cup with around 10K on the clock back late November.


Main stall point was my wife who does not drive manual and a 2.5 year old but after reading the wise words throughout this forum about others in similar situations (you know who you are, thank you!) I figured, eh already got the auto family wagon and my little guys red baby seat will match the belts perfectly and the deal was done.


Took my little guy down when I did the deal and trade and much fun swapping baby seats but he was loving the Meg and was kept very occupied with its general awesomeness -  felt right he be there to see Dada's toy shop :)


For those coming from an XR5 (the car I said I would never sell (but got more hits in the rear than I care to remember)) my thoughts are:


- Ok low-down torque is gone but whatever, just kicks a$$ so much more :yes:

- Angle of the speedo - noticed it first day but long gone memory - why don't more cars have this!

- Rear vision - Dodgy as but you really get used to using the mirrors in no time

- Don't think, just do it :headbang:


Anyway car is awesome and it has become the new family wagon funny enough (didn't see that coming!) and my little guy loves it, especially our new ritual "make the funny car sound and push the go fast button dada!"


Took it down to the lads at Renault Tech a week or two back, who are an awesome bunch of guys and will service it forever (thanks again Forum!) who gave my car the all clear and all nicely serviced and tuned up. See you out there!


Cheers, Gareth

PS - Ok this time for real, this is the car I will never sell :)



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Thanks guys. Yeah that 5-pot was something special.


Was super amazed with the difference between the two being so different - sure a few years development between them of course but never felt the front of the 5 turned in where I wanted (point and wait) whereas no such prob for the Meg.

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum.  They say good things come to those who wait..


Any pics of the new steed?


Great that the little fella loves the Meg.  He will grow up not knowing anything other than amazing cornering and daddy giggling louder than him on every drive...   A word of caution though.  When the wife starts talking about learning to drive a manual, you will need to be considering two RS cars in the garage. Just saying...


Enjoy your new "family wagon"

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Haha so true, actually I laughed seeing your sig as I have taken a fancy for a Toro Red A&D so backup plan ready to go, just got to come with more excuses why a Cube is a bad idea! :)


Definitely loving me boy been brought up proper, a "always safe" little squirt results in a "wow, do it again" :)


Well now the engine has been taken care off, next will be a nice and proper detail to fix up a few little marks, based on CCP recommendation (again thanks forum!) will try Sydney Premium Detailing as nice and local for me! After this will think where I want to go next for a bit more omph!


Just back from an adventure in my new toy!


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 just got to come with more excuses why a Cube is a bad idea! :)


There's a new thread topic right there...  I imagine you will have dozens of reasons why a Cube is a bad idea within a couple of hours on this forum...  :news:

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