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2006 Megane Sport Cup


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Hi leeboy,


Welcome to the forum.  There are a number of really good threads on the forum covering this point - check the Meg 2 threads, and the tech section.  I'd also suggest to have a look through the Newbie threads as the same question you asked is a common one for new members, and you will soon find several that address the question just from the post title.


By far the biggest single factor to consider is the service history on the car.  Specifically the replacement of the timing belt and the auxiliary is critical.  It needs to be done at the lesser of time/km specific intervals - every 4 years I think, or 60,000km (something like that).  At 156,000km and 2006 model, if it has been replaced to schedule it is unlikely to be due now, but if it has not been replaced to schedule, may be well overdue. 


If the timing belt fails, it's new engine time.  There is no warning of it, unlike a chain.  If it is overdue, best not to drive her until the belt is done.


Otherwise, the usual checks for a vehicle of that age and mileage, the Renaults are pretty much bullet proof vehicles if they are maintained well.


As you are in Sydney, if the vehicle is too, I suggest getting a Renault specialist such as Renotech to inspect the vehicle.  They will assess and provide a list of anything that is clear and present on the car - well worth the not too much they will charge for this service.


Good luck with your search, we look forward to having an update on your new ride.

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RSM II Phase 1: snog, marry, avoid?

Definitely snog and probably have a serious play around with... Plenty on here have married as well... ????

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Jason's advice is good - search the forums first, topic has been well covered.


Only thing to add is engine mounts - the running joke is that they are approximately the same as French cheese, so need to be replaced every 50 thousand k's or so. You can tell by the vibrations through the cabin.


Ph 1 Cup is worth marrying.

Ph 1 Non-Cup can be married if you're happy to send her to the gym (i.e. mod the handling). Or excellent for just tootling around.


Ph 2 is the one to look for. Beware scraping the front spoiler on Cup model! It sits mega low. Always use angles on driveways etc...

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