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Wannabe Megane Owner


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Hi all,


been a long time lurker and I don't actually own a renault. Over the long weekend, I went up to Melbourne and rented the Hertz Megane 265. It was black on black. Absolutely stunning car. 


This was my first time with a real performance car so I was blown away by the acceleration and power. ( I drive a Mitsubishi 380 which has decent power but nothing like this). For me it was put foot down an dfeel the surge of power. I loved every minute of it. Spent a lot of time driving it on Sunday and went pretty freakin fast at times. To a point where i was a little scared to drive... what with the adrenaline and all.


When i picked it up I was aware of what others on here had mentioned about it, that the car was very firm, built quality was average, the stereo would suck but the drive would be amazing. And yes, all true. That stereo is awful... hehe


Ride wise I found it on par with my Dad's 118d and although I could feel every grain of sand on the road, I was expecting worst. 


I was always keen on the liquid yellow, but after seeing it in black... well now I'm not sure. I reckon black with the Trophy-R wheels woul dbe amazing...


In any case, I had a blast and now more than ever want one. I hope to pick one up next year once my job is a little more secure and I 'm permanent. but while I'm here is there any difference between pre and post facelift megane models BESIDES the front end? And would I get the same feelings and drive out of a 250?





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They are a very special car I fell in love with mine from the moment i took the 1st corner and loved every minute of my ownership.like you i hope to be back in one by next year as well.


When you drove the Hertz 265 unless you pressed that little known sport button then you were driving a 250.

the 265's are really a 250 until you press the sport button at which point it unlocks the extra 15Hp as well different throttle mapping depending if it had an RSMonitor.


differences between pre facelift and facelift as far as i know is only cosmetic until you go back a little further in which case early 265s came with the RSMonitor or satnav.

later on this was integrated into one unit with the arrival of the Redbull limited edition or RB8 and then it carried on through to the facelift and 265 as well as the 275 the trophy R.


All 250/265 and 275 share the same chassis tuning and handle identical until you reach the 275 Trophy's which came with the special ohlins suspension and other goodies.

now if your hunting for a 265 then i wish you goodluck as that particular model had the most variations all of which only concentrated on interior and or paint/wheels.

performance wise it is the same from a 265 cup all the way to the top tier 808 limited editions as well the RB8.


The 250 range only came in 2 options Cup or Trophee's.

this was a designation whcih allowed for Recaro sportster seats/keyless entry/front sensors and bi-xenons.


the normal CUP variant also only came with 18" Axel Rims vs the 19" Steevs for the Trophee's


in the 250 range you got a static glass roof with your satnav.


and lastly there was only 1 "Special Edition" 265 ever released in the Australia designated the "Sport" which only came in one special blue colour same the french Gendarmerie(sp).This particular model did not come withteh standard limited slip diff, but did have the silver brembo brakes and silver tibor 18" rims, it also got a more compliant suspension tune but did come with the Recaro seats. (correct me if i'm wrong)


Hope this helps to clear it up.



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Just to add to the above

250: cup and cup trophee (base model vs full spec incl things like active bixenons), and rb7

265 prefacelift: 3yr warranty, way too many variants (sports L.E., cup, cup+, trophy, trophy+, rb8, and probably a few more)

265 facelift: 5yr warranty, two variants cup and cup premium, no active bixenons available even as option

Then there was the 275 trophy R which had ohlins suspension and no rear seats (some on carsales have no a/c or radio)

Then came the 275 trophy limited edition, no ohlins, but rear seats

Then that turned into the 275 premium which is exactly the same as the 275 trophy


If you buy a good 250 you can get it amazingly cheap, then get a turbo back, coilovers, tune etc

But if you're like me and love the car the way it is, just removing the centre resonator makes it much more enjoyable with lots of pops and crackles


In fact any of these are amazing bargains second hand!


Find one looked after, get a specialist to check it out (I.e. in Sydney there's Renotech), and get into one


Also I found the ride acceptable until I had to drive in Sydney regularly. I'm still in the process of changing over to 18"wheels. You can buy one already like that if you get a basic variant like the 250 or 265 cup.

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Also I think the Cup premiums have the glass roof, not on the 275 Trophy, and the Trophy R's have fixed back Recaro racing shell seats and trick composite springs in the front with the Ohlins all round just to keep the confusion for new buyers up there.


Short answer is you can't go wrong with any of the model designations as long as you find a good one, as there really is something for everyone - and then some...


Oh, and mods, well an entire other thread there, but same applies. 


Good luck with your search, you are already hooked like the rest of us.  Go buy one and be ruined thereafter when you drive pretty much anything else.

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Wow that was far more information than I was expecting! Thank you!


I couldn't find the sport button on the 265 at the time but still had a blast and still thought it was amazing! Means I can go for a 250 and have peace of mind.


The seats in the 265 were the cloth ones and I found them very comfy. Held me in place around the bends. So I reckon the basic cup would be enough for me. I've seen a few blue 250 cups which I reckon are really sweet. The blue is just amazing.


It really seems like these are so good for the used prices you can get them for. Now just to get the right one.


Again thanks for the insight!

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Good luck with your search. A couple of awesome Red Bull ones for sale on the forum right now if you are looking at amazing blue coloured Megs. They are fully loaded

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