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Finally Have Another Renault!


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Hi all,


after a short apperance on the forum last year with our Megane RS265 8.08 we traded up for a BMW E92 M3.


Whilst in theory it should have been a big step up in refinment and power it left us missing the raw tingle of a Renault.


So last night we picked up another Renault. This time a Clio 197 in black. Something much cheaper to run, easy to  drive and harder to crash :).


The plan for this is to make it a more capable road/track car that can keep us entertained. Planned works are coilovers, seats, harnesses, tune and maybe an Oreca exhaust.


Can't wait to get out with the local Melbournians in two weeks for the drive.


Finally attached are some picks of the little thing along with the other cars filling up the garage :)








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Word of warning on the exhaust, unless you spend time on a track with the engine always spinning up high, the experience of most owners is bad flat spots in everyday driving.


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Minor gains from mods, remap probably biggest bang for buck. Other than that, strip the weight out, coilovers and upgrades to brakes and engine mounts when OE are worn. You'll have a great go cart by then.


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If you're after a VT upper engine mount, I have a near new one I'm looking to sell. I changed all 3 but couldn't live with the NVH, particularly given I have gone to the trouble of installing a SQ ICE system. If it's going to purely be a fun B Road and track car, perhaps you can live with the NVH.


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