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  1. tkb89

    Perth Servicing

    Hey mate, nice pickup. These guys are solid and reliable: Eurocare
  2. tkb89

    Clio Sport Noob

    Just adding some more fuel to the fire... :furious: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2011/SSE-AD-3966637/?Cr=26 I'm pretty sure the car is not worth any where close to the asking price but nonetheless is a great example!!
  3. Nice pickup mate! You are a brave man, owning so many black/dark cars! Just having the missus' 1 black car is more than enough hassle.
  4. tkb89

    Clio Sport Noob

    Or Steve at http://www.waeuro.com.au/
  5. Nice pickup mate. I kept looking at this on Gumtree and was very tempted by it. Best of luck with it.
  6. Just a thought/suggestion, why not have different levels of badges? I.e. Bronze supporter - $15, silver supporter - $30, gold supporter - $60, or something to that effect. That way you guys can potentially gain more revenue and also the members that do contribute extra are recognised, by all, via the different badges. I for one know that I would like to contribute more than $15. I know that R182 above has just gone and purchased a quantity of 2 but the only people that will ever know that are the moderators and himself. Anyway, just a thought. Hopefully don't cop heat for it.
  7. tkb89

    New Rs Owner

    Welcome Mjs! Congrats on the new purchase. Post up some pics soon!
  8. Hey Andrew, Yes I did test drive a Megane and definitely liked it but was just really struggling to find the one that I met all my requirements and budget. So in the end I probably still would have preferred the Megane but the Clio is still an excellent option. For me a few of the big things that drove me down the Clio path were: Slightly cheaper maintenance Got the premium package with all the fruit but didn't have to pay the $25k-30k that I would have had to on a Megane to get the same Cheaper tyres Was quite impressed with the "rev-ability" of the Clio vs. the Megane I'll be taking her up into the hills this weekend for a proper run. Can't wait! :hyper: P.S. I have done the parcel shelf and lowering seats mod and was suitably impressed!
  9. Hey all, So a few month's back I posted on here looking for a Megane RS250 but after looking around in the Perth market there was very little choice and room for negotiation. This led me to start looking at the Clio iii's and it just so happened that there were two of the 20th Anniversay Edtions for sale at the same time (pretty good considering there are only 3 in Perth). So after test driving both I ended up buying #26. Haven't got too many modification plans for her yet but the Akrapovic sure is tempting! Anyway, please see the obligatory photo below: Looking forward to being a more active member of the forums. Trent
  10. Haha thanks chuckovski! In a turn of events I am actually looking at Clio iii's at the moment as the market for RS250's here in WA is not very active. Currently looking at the 20th anniversary edition Clio iii's, there happens to be 2 of them for sale in WA! Will keep everyone posted.
  11. tkb89

    Newbie To Site

    Welcome mate. Nice ride! Got any plans for it?
  12. Hey JDB, I might just have to take you up on the offer. Looking forward to it. Cheers! Trent
  13. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the helpful replies. I'll try and respond to everyone's messages. - No152 --> Yeh the km's will just be on the road and not around a track (for now, at least ). I will defintiely be ensuring that whatever I purchase has been serviced regularly and that it continues to be. I have to agree with your argument about the Honda being boring, which is why I am leaning towards the Megane. - apple3337 --> I have owned a Nissan 200SX in the past, so I can say that I definitely enjoy more 'spirited' driving. Currently I am stuck with a Toyota Yaris and the drives to work are less than inspiring. Haha. I did have a quick look at the Clio's and I have to say that I much prefer the look of the Megane. - cairnsy --> Thanks for your feedback. Good to know that you have a similar mindset to me but have had a good experience with your Megane so far! I must admit when I think of owning the Megane and driving it, it already brings a smile to my face. - rob 420 --> Haha! I'm married so no chance of pulling chicks but being able to outrun a Commondore will be fun. I'll keep everyone posted on my purchase. Trent
  14. Hey all, Just joined the forums a week or so ago and can see there are lots of knowledgeable people here. I have done a bit of searching around but can't seem to find specifics around my topic. So my situation is: my heart is telling me to buy the Megane and not worry about the ongoing costs but my head is telling me to buy a Honda Accord Euro Luxury (or something like it). I know these two are not even close to comparable but the Accord Euro appeals to my sensible and sometimes frugal side whereas the Megane appeals to me in every other way. So I just wanted to find out from some current owners what it is like to own one of these beasts as a daily driver, as I will likely be doing around 300km+ in this thing weekly. Is it feasible? Am I just going to wreck it? If you use one as your daily driver, what has your experience been like? Essentially I just want to gather as many people's thoughts as possible. Please post away! Thanks in advance. Trent
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