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Feedback From Tapatalk Developers On Image View Issue


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Hi admins. Hoping someone can look into this. Appears to be mainly an issue for iPhone 6 users not being able to view most images on the forum from their devices.


Here is their comments



I don’t have permission to view the thread.

But I do suspect this was due to an outdated Tapatalk plugin they have running on their site.

We have contacted forum admin to update their plugin, pls. report the same to your forum admin - requests coming directly from members always helps! : )"


Regards Mase




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Lol... I got that word for word response (except the 'Jamie') for a different issue on a different forum only a week ago.


Of course it may well be the same fix though. Tapatalk was updated in the past few days and images load differently now I noticed.


Hope they fix it for you.

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I didn't know people still used Tapatalk, did they reverse those changes they did with the last major update?


I got rid of it after that.


Is there an alternative? I went looking but couldn't find one. I know forums have mobile versions these days but I never find them as good as TT ... also, at least with TT you only have to get used to one clunky interface rather than one for each forum. 

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