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First New Renault In 36 Years


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Just bought a new Clio RS 200, this is the first Renualt I have had since 1979 when I had a 12 Wagon. That wagon ran events at Oran Park and Amaroo Park in Sydney but finally met its fate on Car Club a picnic run, no justice really! My now grown up kids will be impressed as I am near retirement but still race in Club events in WA and have bought a little road rocket. Growing up is optional.

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Welcome and great story


My first car was a 10-S . Lusted after a 12 !

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My first new Renault was a  R10 S and I have just bought a RS200 in retirement,love it!!


Hope you have much enjoyment from it.



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Well done Curr,


I've just turned over 3,,000kms in ours and tried the RS button.


Its like turning this pussy cat into a ferocious lion, certainly raises the fun stakes.


I've now got an XR6Turbo, old 1976 VW Herbie replica (105hp) and the RS Clio.


Life doesn't get any better at 70+


As you said, growing up is optional.

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