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  1. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/23157-poll-how-old-are-the-forums-clio-4-rs-owners/ Don't forget to vote - it would be great to see how the polls go with a larger sample size. That is a great story!!!
  2. targhe

    New Rs200 Owner

    'Australian drivers are being cheated out of hundreds of dollars at the bowser each year because of "dodgy" fuel efficiency claims, says consumer advocacy group Choice.' from: http://www.theage.com.au/business/retail/volkswagen-scandal-choice-car-test-points-to-other-fuel-guzzlers-20150930-gjxura.html - found this in the paper today.
  3. What I meant was, mine never beeps in sports mode when in manual - ever... this is why I said this was discussed in another thread. I have a feeling there may be different variants of the software?? Other people have also stated that theirs don't beep whilst in manual and sports mode. It certainly is a mystery. Also, my green light never goes orange in manual sports mode.
  4. Mine never beeps in sports mode - only beeps in race mode. (I think this discussion has been had in another thread also).
  5. Does anyone know why Renault has changed the model variants from Trophy to Premium? When I went in to get my 1,000km 'service' done, I noticed they were advertising variants as Premiums. The dealership insists mine is a Trophy but they could not tell me the difference between a Trophy and a Premium. Could it have anything to do with the model year? And hence my next question is, does anyone know when the Clio model year changes over? That grin - is a great grin! Anthony
  6. I have a IV. I live in Alphington and work in Kew, so if you see me - wave hello!
  7. Hi all I have just signed up - this is my first post. Picked up my 2014 Clio R.S. 200 EDC Sport Trophy in 'Glacier White' nearly two months ago. Love it!! I am in inner-city Melbourne and I have changed over from a 2005 VW Golf...This is my first French car. My past cars have been Australian or Japanese. I have been reading this forum as a guest, and thought it is time that I became a member. I love that there are places like this where people can share their stories and knowledge. Cheers, Anthony
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