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Got My New Toy Rs 225 F1

Peter Paps F1 225

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Hi all bought myself another 225 F1 missed my original F1 but have a question someone might be able to help me with...After an hour of purchasing the car and driving home on the freeway I noticed the engine light flicker on and off for about 10 secs or so and splatter then it comes good..The car has full service history up to date and only 79k on the clock..Not sure what to look for can anyone give me some advice.No power loss when accelerating its like it misfiring..hank you once again

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My R26 did this intermittently for months - drove me mad! I had it checked several times by the dealer and they could never find anything wrong. Just one of those annoying things I guess.

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Thanks guys so far it has not done it again im hoping it was just bad fuel as the guy I bought from said he had not put fuel in it for at least two months..


On another topic does anyone know if fast chip by Henk in any good..


I already have a larger intercooler from Forge in the UK, exhaust is next then tune...


Wondering if anyone elae has any ideas, I want this babybto get over 200kw and at 400 torque...


Thanks once again


How do you download pics on here?

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For information on fastchip have a read of these threads:




The simplest and cheapest (in the short term) way to get to 200kW and 400Nm is to boost it to 30psi and you'll achieve your goal. Have a look at Members Rides threads to see what other 225 owners have done to reach their stats: http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/17-members-rides/


To post pics, click on "More Reply Options" which will then provide you with all of the editing options. Click on the 'image' tag and then insert the URL from whatever photo hosting site you use.

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