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Goodass' Rs265 Cup


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Hey all,


Just took delivery of a new RS265 Cup three days ago and have already put 500kms on it and loved every moment of it... The funny thing is I wasn't even in the market for a car but after a cheeky test drive of the Mk7 GTi and RS265 Cup back-to-back I ended up falling in love with the Renault and putting down a deposit shortly thereafter. Big thank you to Nathan and Wayne from Sydney City Renault - they looked after me well and would recommend going through them if you're in the market for one.


I've always been into good handling cars and have preferred steering feel over outright power so Renault Sport was a no brainer for me. As a P-Plater I always had my eyes on the 182 Cup and when the RS250 came out 5 years I fell in love with the styling of it (let alone the handling) now 5 years later I own one! (Just as a sidenote, I wasn't a fan of the new front end initially but it's definitely grown on me)


So after taking delivery on Wednesday night in the torrential Sydney rain, I've finally got to stretch its legs. Went for a drive with a mate in his CLA45 AMG through Royal National Park (Waterfall entry)>Stanwell Tops>Bulli Pass>Macquarie Pass>Jamberoo Pass>Wollongong and then the highway back to Sydney.


Having done these roads numerous times in decent handling cars when I was younger all I can say is WOW. That LSD redefines the limits of FWD cars and to my surprise my mate commented on how good my exhaust sounded - I think he got to enjoy the sound from behind me moreso than I did in the cabin. Mind you, his exhaust is one of the best sounding 2.0L turbos I've ever heard (sounds like a rifle firing every time the DSG upshifts). Overall the car is everything I want/need and couldn't be happier.


I'm sure you all know how it drives so enough stories and more photos. Looking forward to being part of the Renault Sport communitiy and just quietly, I'm keenly looking forward to the next NSW drive day *hint hint* :wink:








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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your choice of steed. Very nice. How bright is the white compared with the cla...! No doubt the temptation to sink the boot over the roads you mentioned would be enormous and hats off to you if you could resist.


I have taken to notputting mine in sport mode while runningit in, as the sound from the exhaust and the throttle response is bordering on too much for a mere mortal to resist. 500km in a couple of days is probably the best way to do it...


How did you find the finish of the RS compared to the cla? I looked at them andwas a little underwhelmed I have to say. Love the style of the RS! Personal taste I know, but even after a few years, the styling inside and out is first rate, and truly eye catching from any angle.


Well done, welcome, and enjoy the drive :D

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Cheers guys. We were supposed to swap cars but I was having so much fun in the Renault that I didn't even get into his car - so can't comment on the finish either. There's nothing better than a perfectly rev matched heel and toe downshift on these roads once you've got comfortable with manual chuckovski. Hang in there and don't look back - you'll curse every auto you drive after you master it (DSG or not)!

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