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  1. Cheers guys. We were supposed to swap cars but I was having so much fun in the Renault that I didn't even get into his car - so can't comment on the finish either. There's nothing better than a perfectly rev matched heel and toe downshift on these roads once you've got comfortable with manual chuckovski. Hang in there and don't look back - you'll curse every auto you drive after you master it (DSG or not)!
  2. Hey mate, was in a similar predicament to you recently - I ended up going with the brand new RS265. Not saying it's the right thing to do and I can't comment on buying advice of the used ones but at the end of the day for me it came down to - if I was putting down $28k+ for a car I'd be driving for the next 3-5yrs and can afford to stretch it to $40k, at least I get piece of mind of 5 yr warranty, updated electronics and no previous owners. By the time I'm looking the sell, the used car would be almost 10yrs old. I test drove a 2013 Rs265 which mechanically drove just like a brand new model bu
  3. Hey all, Just took delivery of a new RS265 Cup three days ago and have already put 500kms on it and loved every moment of it... The funny thing is I wasn't even in the market for a car but after a cheeky test drive of the Mk7 GTi and RS265 Cup back-to-back I ended up falling in love with the Renault and putting down a deposit shortly thereafter. Big thank you to Nathan and Wayne from Sydney City Renault - they looked after me well and would recommend going through them if you're in the market for one. I've always been into good handling cars and have preferred steering feel over outrig
  4. Sounds like I was reading my own car history in reverse! started in a base 05 fiesta then went to an NB mx5, always been interested in the 182 cup and am about to take delivery of a new RS265. Great minds I guess!
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